Hurry! Get Your 'Overpriced' Non-Recylceble KCUPS Before Prices Go Up? Huh?

Hurry! Now's the time to grab your favorite Keurig products before the industry's October price increase soon!

Here's the ticket!  Craiglist your Keurig and fast! 

Money obtained from the sale of it... invest in a single cup pod/ground coffee  brewer.

My brewer of choice is Starbucks Barista Solo*, no longer sold.  You can find them on ebay and sometimes on Craigslist.  Why the Solo?
You can put pods in it.  You can put your grounds in the basket.  In other words,
borrowing on the Burger King saying, "You can have it your way!"  Trust me...after
a cup of having it your way at about half the cost of the plastic capsulated
version, you will be saying, borrowing on the McDonalds (equal time, eh?)
"I'm loving it!" 

*There was a mftring problem with the Barista Solo which led to its demise.  Minor, as it was, it is my opinon that it just proved to be to much for Starbucks to be dealing with.  If you get one, e mail me 
I will instruct you what to do.  Believe me, it is easy and achieveable to correct in less than the time it will take you to brew the best cup of coffee you will have out of this brewer.


The environmental single-cup choice. Go Green!

Due to their construction, pods are inherently respectful to the environment.
Pods are the earth-friendly alternative to other package intensive single-cup options that are often associated with mediocre flavor, thin body, and a plastic aftertaste.
Spent pods are fully biodegradable and make great garden compost.
Pod cartons are made from 100% recycled material (50%+ post consumer).

Kings Supermarket based in New Jersey is now carrying EZ-Cups and EZ-Cup Filters

We've gotten word that King's Supermarkets in New Jersey are now carrying the EZ-Cup and EZ-Cup filters that work in your Keurig single serve coffee maker. What is the EZ-Cup? It is a filter sleeve and filter paper that allows you to use whatever coffee you want in your Keurig EZ-Cup is different from the My K-Cup reuseable K-Cup because you don't have to wash out a filter basket, and you don't have to take out the K-Cup insert. The EZ-Cup goes in the same spot as a regular K-Cup so no removal of the brew sleeve like the My K-Cup. After you're done filling the EZ-Cup and brewing, you simple open the top and pop out the spent filter basket made of paper.

The EZ-Cup will work in your Keurig Elite B40 Brewer, Keurig B50, Keurig Special Edition Ultra Elite B60, Keurig Platinum B70 Brewer, Breville BKC600XL Gourmet Single Cup Brewer, and other Keurig K Cup brewers.

This product is the only disposable filter for the Keurig machine. It allows our customers to use their own coffee and have an easy clean up. In addition it has a self tamping spring that brews what we believe to be a stronger cup of coffee.

Here are some additional features:
1. Self tamping spring gives you stronger coffee.
2. Paper filter gives you better tasting coffee. Uses same type of filter as k-cup
3. EZ to clean
4. Can make one cup after another without waiting to cool down also no clean up.
5. Greener than standard k-cups
6. Can be used in any keurig machine including commercial models.
7. No need to remove anything from your machine use it as you use a regular k-cup.
8. Saves water no need to clean it out.
9. Filter gives cleaner tasting coffee.
10. Uses less coffee because you can use a fine grind.

Even with this improvement in the KCup method of brewing coffee, in my estimation it still
falls far from even coming close to POD brewed coffee. The article mentions improvements
like cleaner, stronger, tasting coffee. Well, just what was KCUP Plastic capsulized coffee tasting
like before this came along? Precisely! Pods, and or fresh ground coffee is the only way to go!


Is The Plastic Used In Keurig K-Cups Safe?

Found this on: http://www.coffeedetective.com/

Sep 20, 2010 My K-Cup Filter by: Anonymous

The concern of Plastic in K-Cups is on everyones mind as is the waste thrown in the landfills. Those comments are all valid and it shows that consumers are thinking about the long term results. The My K-Cup re-usable filter answers some of these concerns, but it makes it less convenient..lets face it we bought into single cup for variety & convenience. This is where I found the best answer to both concerns...

USE PODS- of the SOFT PACK variety. Pods have been around since the late 60's and offer the freshness and variety without the plastic. Its filter paper & Coffee- just open up the pods and pour the coffee into your My-K-Cup filter. THe Pods keep fresh and are half the price of the K-Cups.

I read this over and over and tried to make sense of it. WHY? Why go through all this trouble? Invest in a good one cup POD BREWER. Put your filter paper coffee pods into it and brew cup after cup of consistent flavourful coffee. If I am wrong on this, someone please tell me. Oh...and the pods he said are half the priice of K Cups....need anymore reasons?

You Read On this Blog (or should have) The benefits of drinking coffee. Now read about the healthiness of drinking Tea!

The U.S. Tea Council has stated that 85% of all tea consumed in the U.S. is iced! 

Tea in general, even iced, contain anti-oxidant properties.

Tea can be considered a clean drink containing no sodium, fat, or sugar. 

Extensive research has shown tea to be beneficial in fighting diseases such as 'The Big C' - cancer, heart disease and low bone density.


This is an article on: 'Enjoyable Coffee' (operative word...enjoyable.)

Lets begin with KCUPS shall we? Enjoyable? Permit me to express disclosure here...I hate them with a passion!

I look upon them as the biggest fraud perpetuated upon the coffee industry. I had someone yell at me, "Hey looser they account for 3 billion in sales alone!" He was correct on both accounts...I am a looser, I admit that and yes they do account for that much in sales. I suspect it is the convenience, the so called selection. I think they are up to over 300 varieties of flavours. (gimme a break...pumpkin pie my arse!)

Hey, schmuck...what about enjoyable? Oh yeah.. They are convenient, easy to get hot coloured water from and permit easy clean up. Is that enjoyable to you?

Can you recycle them? Aaaah...No! The once flavourful ground coffee contained within the white #7 plastic capsule is pulverized beyond belief...even more so than Turkish ground espresso. It has to be to allow 198 degree water to permeate through it in 45 seconds or less providing you (in my estimation) with coloured brown weak hot water (some have expressed a 'plasticy taste') which is just about one step above instant coffee. (sorry for that reference IC lovers.)

Manufacturers of these KCUPS refer to them as pods! THEY ARE NOT PODS! Comparing K CUPS to PODS is like comparing the woman on the corner as being your girlfriend...answer for both questions is....NO THEY ARE NOT! (I think)

So what is enjoyable coffee? It is coffee that you truly love to drink. Coffee that you can not be without. Exquisite coffee that is always good to the last drop. Thank you Maxwell house for that one.

Will coffee affect my diet? Answer: YES! and NO! Whaaaat?!

If you are dieting, drink your coffee BLACK, Jack!  No problemO!
It's when you stop at the local coffee shop and order flavored syrups, lattes, creams,
and all the other various sugars, well,  that defeats your purpose.

Dieters...non coffee related...FACT:  Avoid anything and everything that has HFCS
High Fructose Corn Syrup a.k.a. corn syrup, liquid corn syrup, in it.  Read the labels and you will be amazed.  If you conciously avoid HFCS you will loose 5-8 pounds in two weeks!   HFCS is in pretty near everything, be on the lookout.

National Coffe Day * September 29th!

September 29th is National Coffee Day!  What better way to celebrate than with the gourmet taste you love, eh?

Will be published each and every day as a kind reminder to us all

J. Mann: "Each day when we awake we know we have one more day to make a difference in someone's life."
Let all of us who love coffee go through our day knowing this.

MORE This and That About Coffee

Fresh Coffee? It's unroasted beans, roasting them at home in quantities sufficient for a few days. Now that's fresh! KCUPS? Get real!

The term "body" is the way coffee feels when it's in the mouth. The body of the coffee may feel light, thin, delicate, syrupy or buttery.

How about this. Carrots and coffee have nearly the same pH. Acidity in coffee contributes to its special liveliness, color and brightness.

 "Coffee cheers the spirit without making one mad."

Coffee Chat About This And That

Fresh Coffee? It's unroasted beans, roasting them at home in quantities sufficient for a few days. Now that's fresh! KCUPS? Get real!

The term "body" is the way coffee feels when it's in the mouth. The body of the coffee may feel light, thin, delicate, syrupy or buttery.

How about this. Carrots and coffee have nearly the same pH. Acidity in coffee contributes to its special liveliness, color and brightness.

"Coffee cheers the spirit without making one mad."

KCUPS shelf life: 4, maybe 6months? Pods shelf life: 1 year found one proclaiming 2 yrs! KCUPS 'leach' out freshness?? Pods nitrogen flushed!

Cupper - KCups? Not going to happen!

I have been told I am brutal & merciless on KCUPS. Prove to me that a professional cupper cupped KCUP coffee and I might change my mind.

Are They Really Into Coffee?

How can someone 'so into coffee' placate themselves by settling for and drinking any KCup form of..?...I can not bring myself to say coffee.


I can not bring myself to say KCUP and Coffee in the same sentence. If you have not figured it out by now, I am NOT a fan of the biggest ruse perpuated on the Coffee Industry!

I was offered and refused a cup of KCUP, shall I say hot water and they thought I was nuts. I said, "My Visa Card is plastic, not my coffee.  However, enjoy your lingering after taste."

A unbleached paper pod removed from a nitrogen flushed foil pouch about to have 192 degree water evenly distributed over it for 3 min. Priceless!

 I still question, all be it, they still claim it is safe...forcing 192 degree water through a questionable at best #7 plastic enclosure.

 KCUPS run forcibly powered water through a plastic enclosure in less than 45 seconds. Pods evenly distribute their flavor in 3 min. Hello!

You would have to be a Twit if you selected a K cup cup of ? over a robust freshly brewed pod cup of coffee.


A new coffee cup?

Could this be used for k-cup coffee? Um, I think so...