Kings Supermarket based in New Jersey is now carrying EZ-Cups and EZ-Cup Filters

We've gotten word that King's Supermarkets in New Jersey are now carrying the EZ-Cup and EZ-Cup filters that work in your Keurig single serve coffee maker. What is the EZ-Cup? It is a filter sleeve and filter paper that allows you to use whatever coffee you want in your Keurig EZ-Cup is different from the My K-Cup reuseable K-Cup because you don't have to wash out a filter basket, and you don't have to take out the K-Cup insert. The EZ-Cup goes in the same spot as a regular K-Cup so no removal of the brew sleeve like the My K-Cup. After you're done filling the EZ-Cup and brewing, you simple open the top and pop out the spent filter basket made of paper.

The EZ-Cup will work in your Keurig Elite B40 Brewer, Keurig B50, Keurig Special Edition Ultra Elite B60, Keurig Platinum B70 Brewer, Breville BKC600XL Gourmet Single Cup Brewer, and other Keurig K Cup brewers.

This product is the only disposable filter for the Keurig machine. It allows our customers to use their own coffee and have an easy clean up. In addition it has a self tamping spring that brews what we believe to be a stronger cup of coffee.

Here are some additional features:
1. Self tamping spring gives you stronger coffee.
2. Paper filter gives you better tasting coffee. Uses same type of filter as k-cup
3. EZ to clean
4. Can make one cup after another without waiting to cool down also no clean up.
5. Greener than standard k-cups
6. Can be used in any keurig machine including commercial models.
7. No need to remove anything from your machine use it as you use a regular k-cup.
8. Saves water no need to clean it out.
9. Filter gives cleaner tasting coffee.
10. Uses less coffee because you can use a fine grind.

Even with this improvement in the KCup method of brewing coffee, in my estimation it still
falls far from even coming close to POD brewed coffee. The article mentions improvements
like cleaner, stronger, tasting coffee. Well, just what was KCUP Plastic capsulized coffee tasting
like before this came along? Precisely! Pods, and or fresh ground coffee is the only way to go!

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