I can not bring myself to say KCUP and Coffee in the same sentence. If you have not figured it out by now, I am NOT a fan of the biggest ruse perpuated on the Coffee Industry!

I was offered and refused a cup of KCUP, shall I say hot water and they thought I was nuts. I said, "My Visa Card is plastic, not my coffee.  However, enjoy your lingering after taste."

A unbleached paper pod removed from a nitrogen flushed foil pouch about to have 192 degree water evenly distributed over it for 3 min. Priceless!

 I still question, all be it, they still claim it is safe...forcing 192 degree water through a questionable at best #7 plastic enclosure.

 KCUPS run forcibly powered water through a plastic enclosure in less than 45 seconds. Pods evenly distribute their flavor in 3 min. Hello!

You would have to be a Twit if you selected a K cup cup of ? over a robust freshly brewed pod cup of coffee.

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