Is the plastic used in Keurig K-Cups safe?

Nov 03, 2011
#7, but no BPA?   by: Anonymous
The Keurig comment that the cups contain NO BPA, yet are plastic #7 is very confusing. I know that #7 is a mix of different types of plastic, so basically they're declaring that no BPA plastics are used in the composition of their plastic #7. Are we to trust them, or trust the manufacturer who tells them they don't use BPAs? Hmmm. There are lots of other coffee makers out there, and most are more environmentally-friendly to boot. Why take a chance?

Nov 27, 2011
Recycle #6 on bottom of water reservoir   by: Anonymous
 I bought a B60 from Target just because it said it was BPA free on outside of box. It is actually my 2nd one after the first one conked out in less than a year. I use filter water for everything in the house and noticed a weird metallic plastic chemical taste with the coffee to the point of being undrinkable. I went to amazon.com and qvc to see if other reviewers say same. There was and some recommended cleaning the reservoir with vinegar or baking soda. I pulled mine out and see a #6 on bottom which is known to leach harmful toxins and to top it off the World Health Org suspects #6 as a carcinogen. Thanks Keurig for making me think I am buying something healthy. With all the links to cancer and endocrine dysfunction with some plastics I am not very happy right now. 


Ah...The Holiday season...Christmas to many of us

Tis the Holiday Season and a lot of us will abandon reason and buy an over priced
Keurig Brewer.  Can't bring myself to say 'coffee maker'.  Foolish people will spend in excess of a $hundred$ dollars just so they can again spend over $.45 or more per 6oz cup for coloured water. 

Lets see,  a pound of Real coffee will make 256 ounces. That's 32 eight-oz (not 6 oz)  kitchen cups or about 42  six-ounce coffee cups.  So, carrying it further.  If a fool buys this brewer, then sepends minimum $.45 per so-called cup, let's do the math:
42 x .$45= $18.90 per pound of coffee for inferrior coffee! If they pay $.50 each..$.50x42=$21.00!  If I had audio on this blog you would be hearing: "What Kind Of Fool Am I" playing.  Think REAL! Think papery pillow like single cup coffee pods. Their coffee brewers are way cheaper, pods that accompy them are too.  Most of all your getting an 8 oz cup of real coffee!   Happy Holidays from all of us at liQuid heaVen!


Coffee Picks You Up AND May Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

A recent trial with humans conducted at Harvard University found that caffeinated coffee may reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

A recent trial with humans conducted at Harvard University found that caffeinated coffee may reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Participants were given five cups of a coffee per day for 60 days. Findings published in the Nutrition Journal showed significant metabolic benefits and liver function. Results of this study add to the increasing body of science that supports the possible benefits of coffee.

Generating over $70bn a year in retail sales, coffee has increasingly become of interest in the research world. Conducted by Nicole Wedick, ScD from the Harvard School of Public Health, this study specifically found that the benefits were associated with caffeinated coffee, further supporting the hypothesis that caffeine itself may be responsible for the associated health benefits.
The randomized study involved 45 healthy, overweight, 40-year old coffee drinkers who were asked to drink five cups of caffeinated coffee, decaffeinated coffee or water, per day for two months. Results showed a 60% reduction of a compound called interleukin-6 in blood levels for those participants who drank the caffeinated coffee as compared to the water group. This compound is known to promote inflammation. Adiponectin, a hormone that plays a role in regulating insulin sensitivity, was also reduced for participants that drank caffeinated coffee, indicating that caffeine may have anti-diabetic properties.

Researchers wrote, “Our findings suggest that improvements in adipocyte and liver function…may contribute to beneficial metabolic effects of long-term coffee consumption. Given the popularity and widespread consumption of coffee, the effects of coffee and coffee components on metabolic risk factors warrant further investigation.”

Research has continued to support the health benefits of coffee and its effect on the risk of diabetes. A meta-analysis conducted in 2009 and published in the Archives of Internal Medicine reported that including three to four cups of coffee each day may reduce the risk of diabetes by 25 percent.

Compounds within the beverage that may be contributing to these benefits are magnesium, antioxidant lignans or chlorogenic acids. Additionally, a report by Mario Ferruzzi from Purdue University and published in Physiology and Behavior (doi: 10.1016/j.physbeh.2010.01.035) revealed that coffee is also a rich source of polyphenols, with 350 milligrams of phenolics found in each cup of coffee.

Source: Supplement Manufacturer

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