Ah...The Holiday season...Christmas to many of us

Tis the Holiday Season and a lot of us will abandon reason and buy an over priced
Keurig Brewer.  Can't bring myself to say 'coffee maker'.  Foolish people will spend in excess of a $hundred$ dollars just so they can again spend over $.45 or more per 6oz cup for coloured water. 

Lets see,  a pound of Real coffee will make 256 ounces. That's 32 eight-oz (not 6 oz)  kitchen cups or about 42  six-ounce coffee cups.  So, carrying it further.  If a fool buys this brewer, then sepends minimum $.45 per so-called cup, let's do the math:
42 x .$45= $18.90 per pound of coffee for inferrior coffee! If they pay $.50 each..$.50x42=$21.00!  If I had audio on this blog you would be hearing: "What Kind Of Fool Am I" playing.  Think REAL! Think papery pillow like single cup coffee pods. Their coffee brewers are way cheaper, pods that accompy them are too.  Most of all your getting an 8 oz cup of real coffee!   Happy Holidays from all of us at liQuid heaVen!

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