101 Reasons To Enjoy liQuid heaVen

Reason #1~Life comes at you fast, stay awake for it!

liQuid alertNess

Our body clock works with Coffee. Our memory, attention, perception and reasoning are maintained by the consumption of coffee.


Caffe' Factoids!

40% of the 18- to 24-year-olds who responded to a Trends 2011 survey said they are drinking coffee daily, compared with 31% in 2010.

World coffee exports amounted to 8.77 million bags in January 2011, compared with 7.56 million in January 2010.


Basic Abbreviations For Coffee

Basic abbreviations for coffee
Latin America

SHG – Strictly High Grown – coffee beans solely from high altitudes; higher density, higher quality
SHB – Strictly Hard Bean – just like SHG, refers to beans of higher density, i.e. higher quality
HB – Hard Bean – lower class of quality, coffee is grown at lower altitudes than SHB

These abbreviations usually denote the classification of beans according to bean size, the number of faults and bean density; from the finest downwards
AA TOP – bean size 17/18 – most expensive micro lots; selections from harvests
AA Plus – bean size 17/18
AB Faq – bean size 16/17

Gr x, Grade x – class of quality; does not really mean anything as every country uses different standards
Bourbon – variety of a coffee plant from Reunion (Bourbon) Island; a very fine sub-variety of arabica
FT – Fair Trade – coffee certified in accordance with Trans Fair International standards
Organic – organic coffee certified as such by a certifying organisation (for Latin America it usually is Bio Latina)
FTO – Fair Trade Organic
Yellow Honey – Yellow Catuai – a sub-variety of arabica in combination with the Honey processing method (pressing freshly picked coffee cherries and then drying the coffee on African beds)
Scr. 17/18 – bean size – does not denote quality, just the standards of a particular country



Starbucks & Green Mountain to Make Starbucks K-Cups

The wait is finally over in the single serve coffee K-Cup world - Starbucks and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. today announced a strategic relationship for the manufacturing, marketing, distribution and sale of Starbucks and Tazo tea branded K-Cup portion packs for use in GMCR’s Keurig Single-Cup brewing system. The new relationship will provide owners of Keurig Single-Cup Brewers with the additional choice afforded by having Starbucks branded super-premium coffees available for their brewers, and furthers Starbucks stated goals of expanding its presence in premium single-cup coffee, making its premium coffees conveniently available to consumers whenever, wherever and however they want it.

Starbucks is the exclusive, licensed super-premium coffee brand produced by GMCR for the Keurig Single-Cup brewing system. Starbucks and GMCR plan to make Starbucks K-Cup portion packs available through food, drug, mass, club, specialty and department store retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada beginning in the fall of 2011. The companies expect to expand Starbucks K-Cup portion pack and Keurig Single-Cup Brewing system distribution to Starbucks stores and to make Starbucks K-Cup portion packs available through GMCR’s consumer-direct websites: www.greenmountaincoffee.com and www.keurig.com, and Starbucks consumer-direct website: www.starbucks.com beginning in 2012.

Read the rest of this article on singleservecoffee.com .


Egyptian Coffee... amazing!

My friend who lives in Cairo, Egypt sent me some pictures of a local shop he buys his fresh coffee from. This shop in the Heliopolis district of Cairo has been run by the same family for generations.

They roast and grind their coffees using the same machines as they did when they opened many decades ago!

I was fortunate enough to taste some coffee from this shop when my friend was vsiting here and it was unlike any other coffee I'd ever had, exception being of course liQuid heaVen. This Egyptian Coffee, was a special blend of several fresh spices mixed with freshly ground roasted beans. It was extremely aromatic, and had a deep, rich dark color.

Coffee is called ahwa, in the Egyptian dialect. In other Arabic speaking countries they say qahwa, قهوة .

When ordering coffee in Egypt you order it based on the amount of sugar you want. For example if you would like a medium sweetness you would ask for "ahwa masboot", for very sweet coffee "ahwa zeeada" and for coffee without sugar "ahwa sada."
Here are a few pictures of this great little coffee store....

Words for Coffee Around the World How to Say Coffee in Over 60 Different Languages

I would like to thank the Author Lindsey Goodwin of About.com Guide
"Coffee" In Different Languages
Afrikaans: koffie~Albanian: kafe~Amharic: buna~Arabic: kahioa or ahua
Armenian: surch or sourdj~Basque: kafea or akeuta~Belarusian: kava
Bengali/Bangla: café~Bulgarian: kafe~Catalan: cafe~Chinese (Cantonese): ga feh
Chinese (Mandarin): kafei~Creole: kafe~Croatian: kava~Czech: kava or kafe
Danish: kaffe~Dutch: koffie~English: coffee~Esperanto: kafo~Estonian: kohv
Ethiopia: bunna, buni or bun~Filipino/Tagalog: kape~Finnish: kahvi~French: café
Galician: café~Georgian: qava or chai~German: Kaffee ~Greek: kafés
Haitian Creole: kafe~Hawaiian: kope~Hebrew: ka-feh~Hindi: kofi~Hungarian: kavé
Irish: caife~Italian: caffe~Icelandic: kaffii~Indonesian: kopi~Japanese: koohii
Korean: keopi or ko-pyi~Latvian: kafija~Lithuanian: kava~Luxembourgish: Kaffi
Macedonian: kafe~Malay: kawah or koppi~Maltese: kafe~Norwegian: kaffe
Persian: qéhvé~Polish: kawa~Portuguese: café~Romanian: cafea~Russian: kofe
Serbian: kafa~Slovak: kava~Slovenian: kave~Spanish: el café~
Sinhalese (Sri Lanka): kopi~Swahili: kahawa~Swedish: kaffe~Taiwanese: ka fei
Tamil (Sri Lanka): kapi-kottai or kopi~Thai: kafea or ca-fea~Turkish: kahve
Ukrainian: kavy or kava~Urdu: coffee~Vietnamese: ca phe~Wolof: kafe~Welsh: coffi
Yiddish: kave~Zulu: ikhofi

Big Announcement I Believe Is Forthcoming From STARBUCKS

Will they enter the Single Serve Market dominated by K-Cups, or will they acquire a
Company already in the Single Serve Market.  Time will tell. 
If you read my blog you know I have no love for K-Cups.  I said in the past they are mediocre at best.  I have come to change that and now say, they are not even mediocre!
The Single Serve Market dominated by K-Cups is a 3 Billion dollar industry. I would think that this is what may attract STARBUCKS entry. 

Can Coffee Cut a Woman's Stroke Risk?

Swedish study shows even a cup a day reduces the risk; experts say more proof needed.  So, pour yourself a good hot cup and read the research.



Surprisingly A Lot Of Coffee Houses Mimic/Copy Each Other

I am sure that if you  frequent or frequented Coffee Houses you have noticed that the coffees possess a heavily roasted or 'burnt bean' flavour. Why?  Is it because it sells? 
I contend it is because 'it is the base' from which all the additives you will be ordering
to put in it.  If one simply drinks the coffee black, there will be a strong burnt flavor
on one's palate.  If one decides to make a pastry out out their coffee instead that
burnt bean flavour is compromised and supports the so called coffee.

Here, at liQuid heaVen we don't mimi or copy, we innovate.

The Environmental Single Cup Choice

Due to their construction, pods are inherently respectful to the environment. Pods are the earth-friendly alternative to other package intensive single-cup options that are often associated with mediocre flavor, thin body, and a plastic aftertaste. Spent pods are fully biodegradable and make great garden compost. While the overwrap that preserves the freshness of each pod is not compostable or recyclable, this represents a small fraction of the volume of waste generated by other single-cup systems. Pod cartons are made from 100% recycled material (50%+ post consumer).