Surprisingly A Lot Of Coffee Houses Mimic/Copy Each Other

I am sure that if you  frequent or frequented Coffee Houses you have noticed that the coffees possess a heavily roasted or 'burnt bean' flavour. Why?  Is it because it sells? 
I contend it is because 'it is the base' from which all the additives you will be ordering
to put in it.  If one simply drinks the coffee black, there will be a strong burnt flavor
on one's palate.  If one decides to make a pastry out out their coffee instead that
burnt bean flavour is compromised and supports the so called coffee.

Here, at liQuid heaVen we don't mimi or copy, we innovate.

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Coffee Gourmet said...

I have noticed that the "burnt" taste is frequent in coffee shops everywhere as well, and to say it is my least favorite taste is a gross understatement. I often rely on the brief descriptions of coffee when I purchase it for my own home, and have even resorted to asking the barista what they recommend when I am in the mood for certain tastes at the coffee shop. What is your method for finding the perfect brew?