1,500 acres in USA devoted to growing coffee, where are they?

There is only one place in the good ol' USA that is suitable for growing coffee. Do you know where it is?

Think about it for a moment....

There are only approximately 1,500 acres that are devoted to growing this coffee.

This coffee is one of the scarcest and most sought after coffees available to mankind today.

If you guessed Hawaii, you guessed right.

100% TrueKona Coffee (not blended!) is grown only on the 1,500 acres of volcanic slopes allotted it. It is sorted by hand and strictly regulated by law.

Savoring a rich cup of this full bodied coffee will mesmerize you with its silky smooth, mellow and distinct sweetness accompanied by its strong pungent aroma.

Most Kona coffee trees are actually descendants of Brazilian plants transplanted in Hawaii. It is the islands climate, attitude, soil and care that the plants receive during their life span that render them to produce that liQuid excellence that we come to know as Kona.


Coffee break pays off for Minnesota deputies

Reminds me of that Clint Eastwood movie, where he went into his usual diner and ordered a cup of coffee, they put sugar in it ( he always took it black) as a sign that they were being held up. He walks outside, sips the coffee, then walks back into the diner and took care of the bad guys. Do you remember the name of this movie? I don't. Leave a comment with the movies name and I'll send you a FREE liQuid heaVen coffee pod.

MANKATO, Minn. — Two Blue Earth County sheriff's deputies didn't have to work too hard to track down four burglary suspects. The suspects, in fact, pulled right into the Happy Chef restaurant where the deputies were on a coffee break Wednesday night. The deputies had been investigating three residential burglaries that night that had similar methods of operation. When they were on their break at Happy Chef, a report of another burglary came in from Le Sueur County with a description of the suspects' pickup truck.

A truck matching the description then pulled into parking lot and the deputies didn't have to go far to make an arrest. And, the stolen goods, including laptop computers, other electronics and jewelry, were in the back.

Captain Rich Murry said even a coffee break can be productive.


Canada names top barista in Western Region

Ever seen any of the Food Network Challenges on TV? Barista competitions are like that, featuring coffee professionals who are extremely serious and knowledgable about coffee and who elevate coffee preparation to levels most people don’t know exist.

However, on the Food Network the MC does almost all the talking. The chefs, for the most part, just cook. At barista competitions, not only are they making drinks you’ll never ever find on a Starbucks menu, they’re talking you through the process, educating you on the beans they’ve chosen, the quality of the other ingredients, their technique. You won’t see flashy showmanship, per se. No one juggles the milk pitchers. The demeanor of the espresso competitors is refined. They move with measured, unhurried confidence. They speak of the exacting work done by coffee farmers and roasters before the barista ever lays eyes on the beans and how it is the barista's responsibility to prepare drinks that are worthy of that.

On August 29 and 30 in Victoria, Canada, the 2009 Western Regional Canadian Barista Championships were held. According to CanadianBaristaAcademy.com:

"Each competitor must prepare and serve 12 separate espresso beverages: 4 espresso, 4 cappuccinos, and 4 "signature" drinks of their own creation. Competitors have only fifteen minutes to prepare all twelve drinks and are judged on various elements including station cleanliness, taste, beverage presentation, technical skills and total impression by a distinguished panel of judges."
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