1,500 acres in USA devoted to growing coffee, where are they?

There is only one place in the good ol' USA that is suitable for growing coffee. Do you know where it is?

Think about it for a moment....

There are only approximately 1,500 acres that are devoted to growing this coffee.

This coffee is one of the scarcest and most sought after coffees available to mankind today.

If you guessed Hawaii, you guessed right.

100% TrueKona Coffee (not blended!) is grown only on the 1,500 acres of volcanic slopes allotted it. It is sorted by hand and strictly regulated by law.

Savoring a rich cup of this full bodied coffee will mesmerize you with its silky smooth, mellow and distinct sweetness accompanied by its strong pungent aroma.

Most Kona coffee trees are actually descendants of Brazilian plants transplanted in Hawaii. It is the islands climate, attitude, soil and care that the plants receive during their life span that render them to produce that liQuid excellence that we come to know as Kona.

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Roast Master said...

Ahhhh yes, good ole hawaiian coffee. Its interesting that the only place that coffee can grow in the US is far offshore!