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A Turkish Promise Involving Coffee

It has been said that Turkish bridegrooms prior to their marriage were once required
to make this irrevocable promise during their wedding.

The promise was to always provide coffee to their new brides. 
Here comes the punch line, drum roll...if they failed to provide the cups of coffee, it was grounds for divorce.  Operative word: grounds.


Can someone reading this please explain WHY?

Everyday I go to work I witness the same old thing. Cars lined up at the StarBuc$'s drivethrough window awaiting their morning fix.

I compare that to what I go through each and every morning. I awake (thank GOD!) and my one cup of superb liQuid heaVen is awaiting me in my solo cup hot and ready. No waiting, no lines to wait in, no wear and tear on the car least not we forget the gas wasted while waiting.

Yeah, everyday I go to work and I wonder out loud, WHY? Those of you reading this, do you have an explanation? For I sure as hell don't.


Happy Holidays, now grab some coffee

Happy Holidays from liQuid heaVen coffee. We would like to wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season and an even better 2010.


You’ve heard: “Grab a cup of coffee to relieve a headache.”

Better make it two cups. Studies show that 200 milligrams of caffeine—about the amount in 16 ounces of brewed coffee—does provide relief from headaches, including migraines. Exactly how caffeine relieves headaches isn’t clear. But scientists do know that caffeine boosts the activity of brain cells, causing surrounding blood vessels to constrict. One theory is that this constriction helps to relieve the pressure that causes the pain, says Robert Shapiro, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of neurology and director of the Headache Clinic at the University of Vermont Medical School.

However, relying on caffeine long-term can backfire. When regular coffee drinkers miss their daily caffeine fix, this is often associated with a rebound increase in blood flow to the brain. Increased blood flow means increased pressure and, as a result, “withdrawal headaches” can occur. Shapiro counsels headache sufferers to limit caffeine intake and use it only to relieve headaches.


Why aren't more people brewing coffee at home?

Having your own home espresso or soft pod coffee machine is no longer a luxury anymore, it has become a MUST!

With today’s high prices of coffee house drinks (plus the added expense of gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, coupled with your time consumed while standing in line) it’s actually a cost effective savings, a no brainer if you will.

Envision getting up in the morning, pushing the on button on your Senseo, Simple Human or for that matter, any single cup brewer and within minutes you have a delicious hot brewed cup of coffee to enjoy while searching the internet or preparing for your daily routine.

Cost? Pennies on the dollar as compared to a coffee house brewed cup.

If this is the case, ( and it is ) then why do so many people NOT do this?

Is it the profuse amount of discretionary money that the coffee drinking public has to its credit? Is it force of habit? Is it status? Or, are they not aware of what they are missing by investing in a single cup pod brewer of their own?

Somebody please tell me because I just don't get it.

Then again, two years ago when I got my cell phone I terminated my home phone and saved a bundle each and every month; now this seems to be the trend. Maybe I am ahead of my time?


15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee

This is a great, fun little illustration about coffee. Read it here.


Coffee house sales on the rise

This statistic does amount to a hill of beans!

U.S. sales at coffee houses are predicted to increase 125% by 2010.

This is certainly good news for the coffee houses, but am I missing something?

Why don't Americans invest in a POD brewer and get that coffee house experience inside their homes?

We wake up to a cup of liQuid heaVen each and every morning and save a ton of money inclusive of time, gas, wear and tear on the vechicle not to mention the savings on our coffee versus the coffee houses. It's a no brainer!

Dunn Bros Coffee The Kenya Project

Dunn Bros Coffee has partnered with the World Bank and Deloitte Consulting to improve coffee farming in Kenya.

In 2008, Dunn Bros Coffee CEO Chris Eilers and coffee buyer Scott Kee visited the Gakurari Factory in the Gatanga region of Kenya and found a coffee washing station in disrepair. The outmoded machinery ran on an expensive and inefficient diesel motor resulting in poorly washed coffee that debased the quality and the price which farmers could gross for their crop.

In partnership with the World Bank and Deloitte Consulting, a new Aquapulper went into effect on October 27th, 2009. This Aquapulper runs on cleaner electric power and affords more efficient processing and cleaner coffee beans; all while using less than 2 percent of the water used by the old machine.

Dunn Bros Coffee customers appreciate the company’s dedication to this project, and Dunn Bros Coffee has committed to invest in these projects in the future. A portion of the profits from Gatanga region coffee purchased at Dunn Bros Coffee shops helped pay for the new Aquapulper and will support future sustainability projects.
Read more at Dunn Bros


Pods vs. K-Cups no contest

One trait I will admit to (and this has been confirmed by almost ALL who know me) is that I am a very practical person.

I have watched the explosion of 'the K-cup revolution' and I ask why?

Why are consumers wishing to pay more for the k-cup and its brewers?

The k-cup cup of coffee is at best, as good as, but not superior to a pod cup of coffee. I do not see the k-cup as superior to any form of coffee.

I am not going to harp on "waste attributed to the k-cup", it is humongous! It is packaging within packaging, such a waste.

I have looked at the K-cup brewers. Expensive, flimsy plastic and poorly constructed. Yet, they are popular, go figure. They are no where comparable to Senseo or what I feel is one of the best single cup POD brewers currently out there - SimpleHuman.

We here at liQuid heaVen will always be devoted to our PODS.

Pods will be with us for a long time and will always be the delivery vehicle of choice.


A few coffees a day keeps liver disease at bay

WASHINGTON — Researchers in the United States have found another good reason to go to the local espresso bar: several cups of coffee a day could halt the progression of liver disease, a study showed Wednesday.

Sufferers of chronic hepatitis C and advanced liver disease who drank three or more cups of coffee per day slashed their risk of the disease progressing by 53 percent compared to patients who drank no coffee, the study led by Neal Freedman of the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) showed.

For the study, 766 participants enrolled in the Hepatitis C Antiviral Long-Term Treatment against Cirrhosis (HALT-C) trial -- all of whom had hepatitis C which had not responded to treatment with anti-viral drugs -- were asked to report how many cups of coffee they drank every day.

The patients were seen every three months during the 3.8-year study and liver biopsies were taken at 1.5 and 3.5 five years to determine the progression of liver disease.

"We observed an inverse association between coffee intake and liver disease progression," meaning patients who drank three or more cups of java were less likely to see their liver disease worsen than non-drinkers, wrote the authors of the study, which will be published in the November issue of Hepatology.

The researchers put forward several ways in which coffee intake might protect against liver disease, including by reducing the risk of type two diabetes, which has been associated with liver illness; or by reducing inflammation, which is thought to cause fibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver.

Even caffeine, the chemical that gives a cup of coffee its oomph, came under the spotlight, having been found in previous studies to inhibit liver cancer in rats.
But drinking black or green tea, which also contain caffeine, had little impact on the progression of liver disease, although there were few tea drinkers in the study.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) three to four million people contract hepatitis C each year.

Seventy percent of cases become chronic and can cause cirrhosis or liver cancer.


1,500 acres in USA devoted to growing coffee, where are they?

There is only one place in the good ol' USA that is suitable for growing coffee. Do you know where it is?

Think about it for a moment....

There are only approximately 1,500 acres that are devoted to growing this coffee.

This coffee is one of the scarcest and most sought after coffees available to mankind today.

If you guessed Hawaii, you guessed right.

100% TrueKona Coffee (not blended!) is grown only on the 1,500 acres of volcanic slopes allotted it. It is sorted by hand and strictly regulated by law.

Savoring a rich cup of this full bodied coffee will mesmerize you with its silky smooth, mellow and distinct sweetness accompanied by its strong pungent aroma.

Most Kona coffee trees are actually descendants of Brazilian plants transplanted in Hawaii. It is the islands climate, attitude, soil and care that the plants receive during their life span that render them to produce that liQuid excellence that we come to know as Kona.


Coffee break pays off for Minnesota deputies

Reminds me of that Clint Eastwood movie, where he went into his usual diner and ordered a cup of coffee, they put sugar in it ( he always took it black) as a sign that they were being held up. He walks outside, sips the coffee, then walks back into the diner and took care of the bad guys. Do you remember the name of this movie? I don't. Leave a comment with the movies name and I'll send you a FREE liQuid heaVen coffee pod.

MANKATO, Minn. — Two Blue Earth County sheriff's deputies didn't have to work too hard to track down four burglary suspects. The suspects, in fact, pulled right into the Happy Chef restaurant where the deputies were on a coffee break Wednesday night. The deputies had been investigating three residential burglaries that night that had similar methods of operation. When they were on their break at Happy Chef, a report of another burglary came in from Le Sueur County with a description of the suspects' pickup truck.

A truck matching the description then pulled into parking lot and the deputies didn't have to go far to make an arrest. And, the stolen goods, including laptop computers, other electronics and jewelry, were in the back.

Captain Rich Murry said even a coffee break can be productive.


Canada names top barista in Western Region

Ever seen any of the Food Network Challenges on TV? Barista competitions are like that, featuring coffee professionals who are extremely serious and knowledgable about coffee and who elevate coffee preparation to levels most people don’t know exist.

However, on the Food Network the MC does almost all the talking. The chefs, for the most part, just cook. At barista competitions, not only are they making drinks you’ll never ever find on a Starbucks menu, they’re talking you through the process, educating you on the beans they’ve chosen, the quality of the other ingredients, their technique. You won’t see flashy showmanship, per se. No one juggles the milk pitchers. The demeanor of the espresso competitors is refined. They move with measured, unhurried confidence. They speak of the exacting work done by coffee farmers and roasters before the barista ever lays eyes on the beans and how it is the barista's responsibility to prepare drinks that are worthy of that.

On August 29 and 30 in Victoria, Canada, the 2009 Western Regional Canadian Barista Championships were held. According to CanadianBaristaAcademy.com:

"Each competitor must prepare and serve 12 separate espresso beverages: 4 espresso, 4 cappuccinos, and 4 "signature" drinks of their own creation. Competitors have only fifteen minutes to prepare all twelve drinks and are judged on various elements including station cleanliness, taste, beverage presentation, technical skills and total impression by a distinguished panel of judges."
Rest of article HERE


What's $2 bucks?

For just $2 you can try two pOd sAks of liQuid heaVen! Thats four 8oz. cups for only two bucks!

Go ahead try some, we know you'll love it and hope you'll come back for more!

We are only offering 20 lots of this trial offer, so gets yours before they're gone!

Click to order your liQuid heaVen for just $2. You'll be glad you did.


New Eco-Friendly Printer Uses Coffee Grinds

Coffee-drinking computer users may soon have a new use for their old coffee grinds if a new eco-friendly printer hits the market.

Featured in the Greener Gadgets Design Competition, the RITI printer apparently uses coffee or tea dregs to create computer printouts.

To use the printer just insert a piece of paper, place used coffee or tea grinds into the ink case on the top of the printer, then move the ink case left and right to print the image — no electricity needed, Greener Gadgets reported.

Because it works manually the RITI printer is not ideal for large projects and can only print in black and white, but it will save on the cost of buying ink and electricity.

* original article here


Get ready for a real roast!

Here at liQuid heaVen specialty coffees we are preparing to unvail our latest NEW coffee...

It's special blend, freshly ground and will be available soon on ebay.

You WILL NOT believe the taste. Words cannot describe this amazing new roast!

Be sure to check back soon for all the details.


Ceritified Organic Coffee Coming to liQuid heaVen

Now that I have achieved the only Torrefacto-roasted full and balanced neutral blended coffee 'specifically for flavoured creamers'....

I have directed my efforts towards working on a 100% Arabic, honestly certified organic coffee with truly the taste of coffee as you had forgotten it could be.

It is approaching one year now and after many, many tastings of which I have involved others, all agree that liQuid heaVen is THE ONLY coffee for flavoured creamers.

Stay tuned.


India Coffee Exports Drop 21% as Rain Reduces Harvest

Aug. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Coffee exports from India, Asia’s third-biggest supplier, dropped 21 percent in the first seven months of this year after excessive rains damaged the crop in the nation’s main growing region.

Tata Coffee Ltd. and its domestic rivals shipped 117,976 metric tons in the seven months ended July 31, compared with 149,720 tons a year ago, said N.V. Nagarajaiah, deputy director at the Coffee Board. Shipments slumped 35 percent in value to $256.1 million, the board said.

India lowered its production estimate for a second time in April after excessive rains damaged the crop in southern Indian state of Karnataka, the biggest coffee-bean grower. Production will decline to 262,300 tons in the year to Sept. 30, compared with 276,600 tons forecast in November, the board said April 30.

Exports fetched 107,413 rupees ($2,245) a ton on average, 0.6 percent more than a year ago, Nagarajaiah said. Shipments in the January-July period included 11,416 tons of re-exports, compared with 14,380 tons a year earlier, he said.

Italy and Russia were among the buyers of Indian coffee.


The Perfect Coffee Pod

It has taken me just over three years to arrive at where I am now with liQuid heaVen.

A big factor was realizing that the characteristics of different coffee bean varieties along with roasting procedures react differently in pod brewing cycles than when drip brewed. This is where I think the Big Three Coffee Giants have gone wrong. You just can't put coffee into pods like you put coffee into bags and cans. They have not taken into account a key consideration... the ability to produce pods with absolute precision in controlling coffee grind, weight, and pressure, since these elements will affect the taste of the product offered.

I invite you try liQuid heaVen, it really is THE perfect coffee pod.


Rain To Lash Brazil's Coffee Regions This Week

SAO PAULO (Dow Jones)--Brazil's main coffee-producing regions should see heavy rain later this week, according to local weather service Somar Monday.

In Minas Gerais, Brazil's No. 1 coffee-growing state, daytime temperatures of 20-25 degrees Celsius are expected through Wednesday, while nighttime temperatures will range from 9-12 degrees Celsius.

Several days of rain are expected to begin later in the week. The coffee-growing towns of Guaxupe, Poco de Caldas, and Varginha will see six millimeters of rain Friday and up to 12 millimeters through Sunday, Somar said.

Rodrigo Costa, coffee analyst and trader at Newedge, said that Brazil's weather is something to be worried about. "Cold masses are arriving in the south of the country, with no apparent threat of frost for the coffee-belt. But rains are forecasted for the end of the month," he said.

This could provoke more problems with the quality of current crop, Costa added.

In Parana and Sao Paulo's arabica coffee regions, the weather is expected to follow the same pattern.

Daytime temperatures will reach 22-26 degrees Celsius, and nighttime temperatures will fall to 14-17 degrees Celsius. Light showers are expected by Wednesday followed by heavy rain on Thursday and Friday.

Parana's Londrina, should record up to 24 millimeters of rain on Thursday. Sao Paulo will see 10-20 millimeters of rain through the weekend.

Brazil is the world's No. 1 coffee producer and exporter.

*Source: The Wall Street Journal


Liquid heaven for a price

This clean cool water flowing down

Slowly filtered through the ground

Eight cups a day, keep your diet stable

Oh it’s all there on the label

Describe all the ways it’s good for you

I love it and you’ll love it too

Liquid heaven for a price

Come on now, it tastes so nice

Quench your thirst with just a drop

Available in every shop

* By Ben Ruskin


Wisdom, Strength, Hope

Breaking away from the ‘coffee talk’ if I may.

Many of our fellow Americans are really undergoing turmoil in their daily lives. If it is you, or someone you know, try and take solace in these three strong character traits knowing that surely things will get better...

Wisdom from yesterday.

Strength for today.

Hope for tomorrow.


Nestle Coffee-Mate Coconut Crème Liquid

It is very seldom that I publicly endorse a product.

However, when such a product comes along that is emeritus of endorsement, I cave.

My fellow flavoured coffee lovers... you MUST try Coffee-Mate's Coconut Crème coffee creamer, you must I tell you.

I had some friends over and without telling them, offered them liQuid heaVen with Coffee-Mate's Coconut Crème.

All I can say, is, "You should have been there, as words could not describe the excitement and enthusiasm that ensued."

Read all about this amazing creamer here.

Visit this link to find out where to buy in your area.


Four Major Characteristics of Coffee

Like the four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, coffee too has its four (4) major seasons or characteristics...


Aroma is a combination of what we taste and what we smell. The Aroma of coffee can be floral, like a rose or wine like Merlot. Words used to describe a coffee's aroma include: exotic, floral, wine like, earthy, fruity, pungent, sweet and clean.


Acidity is the lively, palate cleansing property characteristic of all high-grown coffee. Acidity like sweetness is tasted primarily on the sides of the tongue and may range from low to high. Acidity should hit on the sides of the tongue and sometimes on the back of the jaw bone and may range from low to high. It is the "tartness" or "tanginess" felt in the mouth. Words which describe acidity include: Bright, tangy, sparkling and crisp (for coffees high in acidity like Kenya and Costa Rica)


Body is the thickness or weight of the beverage on the tongue. It is the lingering after-taste felt on the tongue long after the beverage is gone. It ranges from light to full. It varies between coffees and also with brewing methods used. For example French Press brew is heavier-bodied than drip coffee. Coffees from the Indonesian Islands (Sumatra, Java, and Celebes) have a heavier body than South and Central American coffees.


Refers to the total impression of the previous three factors of aroma, acidity and body. Words that describe a coffee's flavor include: chocolaty, nutty, wine like, fruity, spicy, woody, earthy and smokey.


The World and its Coffee Supply

Arabica beans consist of 75% of the world's total output. Followed by Robusta coffee beans making up the remaining 25%.

Where does the world go for its Arabica beans?

- 30% of it comes from Brazil. (natural treated)
- 25% of it comes from Central America, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. (washed coffee beans)
- 10% of it comes from Africa
- 15% of it comes from Asia*

Leaving the world seeking Robusta beans.... where do they come from? Significantly, from three places: Africa, Indonesia and Brazil.

Now there may be other countries supplying both Arabica and Robusta to the world's need for coffee. However, their per-centage is far lower that what has been reported here.

* Merol


Hard pods, Soft Pods, Capsules what does it all mean?

FABULOUS article by David Warr at Warr on Words blog.

In today's society we are constantly looking for labour saving ideas and in the espresso market the large global corporations have only been too happy to feed our desires.

Nestle through their "Nespresso" system which incorporates the use of dedicated capsules are making a huge impact in the domestic market. They have built a series of domestic machines that will only take their capsules, thereby eliminating competitor offerings. On top of this they only operate a mail order service which means that you can't simply purchase capsules from your local high street store. The range they have developed has been quite incredible, but as with all global brands regional choice gets lost as Nestle attempt to keep the whole market to themselves.

However, they are not alone, Lavazza are another vast coffee business producing capsules solely for their machines. At the last count I believe they were manufacturing 1 million capsules per day.

On the regular coffee front Philips have collaborated with Douwe Egbert (part of the Sara Lee corporation) to offer a single portion "soft pod" machine called Senseo. Once again an attempt to force the consumer to only use the Dowe Egbert product. Thankfully in this case there has been a little more pragmatism on the part of DE, as other manufacturers are now able to produce "soft pods" under licence using their own coffee. On top of this other machine manufacturers, most notably Bunn have now produced their own soft pod machines.

However no sooner does one corporation allow a little choice into the market than along comes another one, this time in the shape of Kenco with their "Tassimo" system who attempts to close it down again.

This then bring me on to the one system which is both convenient and offers choice, namely the "hard pod". A number of manufacturers of Espresso machines now offer an interchangeable system. For convenience you can use a pod, however if you have a preferred local coffee roaster you can also use their fresh ground coffee in the same machine by simply changing the insert in the group handle.

Now that's what I call choice, it benefits both the consumer and the smaller regional businesses. This is why these are the kinds of systems you will find on our website.

We believe that the consumer, the grower, everybody should be allowed to benefit from this business not just a select few with very deep pockets.


It's all in the roasting!

I think the following is worth knowing.

Coffee is produced in only a few areas around the world, yet it is consumed by people all over the world. The largest coffee-consuming countries produce very little coffee.( hmm..might that be us?)

Coffee production occurs in warm climates, such as those in South and Central America, the Caribbean, and parts of Africa and Asia.

According to Fortune, in 2001 Brazil was the world's leading coffee producer, exporting 1.4 million tons, or 25 percent of the global supply.

Vietnam also was a leading producer, with crops increasing from some 20,000 acres in 1975 to 200,000 by 1990. (and when I was fighting there we were told we have to win or the whole of southeast asia would go communist, yeah right again Washington.) Followed by the United States, France, Germany, and Japan historically have accounted for about one-half of all coffee consumption. Thought you would like to know this. ( and oh, please pardon my political jabs if they offended you.)

It's all in the roasting!


What is specialty coffee?

The question at hand is what is specialty coffee?

It has been said that specialty coffee is defined as a crafted quality coffee based beverage. This specialty coffee beverage is judged by the consumer at a given time to have a unique quality, a distinct taste and personality different from, but yet superior to other common coffee beverages.

liQuid heaVen is a specialty coffee rich in antioxidents. Try some today FREE.


Americans making more coffee at home

Americans making more coffee at home: poll

BOCA RATON, Florida (Reuters) - Daily coffee consumption in the United States was steady this year compared to 2008, while the number of people making their coffee at home rose, the National Coffee Association of U.S.A. said on Saturday.

Data from the 2009 National Coffee Drinking Trends survey, which polled more than 3,000 adults in the United States by telephone in January and February, was released at the NCA's annual convention in Boca Raton, Florida.

"Consumers still see coffee as an integral part of their everyday lives," NCA chief Robert Nelson said.

"Even if economic conditions cause some to alter their coffee choices, they are nonetheless continuing to enjoy coffee at levels very much on par with recent years," he said in a release.

Preliminary data showed 54 percent of adults drank coffee beverages daily, compared to 55 percent a year ago. With the margin of error plus or minus 1.6 percentage points, the NCA viewed consumption as statistically flat.


alltop...we are on top

liQuid heaVen has just been added to http://coffee.alltop.com ... woo hoo!

Alltop is an “online magazine rack” of popular topics. They update stories every hour and deliver them 24x7 in real-time.

Go check out the thousands of topics they have by visiting http://alltop.com.

Alltop, all the topics, all the time.

Gee thanks Alltop, want some coffee?


Coffee is an artform

I would like to thank Jocelyn for her kind words via e-mail.

Jocelyn said, "You have ameliorated the coffee world with your introduction of liQuid heaVen."

To be honest with you I had to look up the word ameliorated. Ameliorated is "to make or become better, more bearable, or more satisfactory; to improve; meliorate." WOW! Thank you Jocelyn!

To answer the question if we are using T-Fal bags... the answer is a most definite YES! We found them to be the best for encapsulating liQuid heaVen. They are amazingly convenient, chlorine-free, heat sealable filter paper made from wood pulp and hemp fibers which ensure taste-neutrality, thus leaving no discriminate taste, all making for perfect coffee extraction without the perceived hassle.

Jocelyn thank you for your order and we have some additional liQuid heaVen on its way to you... on the house!

Also, a big shout out to Charles who sent this in. "The only thing better than liQuid heaVen is more of it!" Thank you Charles, I could not have said it better than that!


In this age of mass-production, it's good to know there is a coffee named liQuid heaVen, that is run by people who consider coffee an artform, a craft.

Much like grapes used in the making of wine, coffee beans are a product of artful farming that is unique and every changing. It still takes a skilled gifted roaster, a craftsperson if you will, using his or her many senses in an integrated way to bring out and balance what nature offers in these magical little beans we have come to call coffee.

liQuid heaVen stipulates that it demands the highest quality of coffee and that it is checked for aroma, flavour and a palate test before it is allowed into the roasting facility. That is why liQuid heaVen possesses a richer and more balanced flavour than mass produced coffee.

With sadness, I have to report that in many situations the art of roasting coffee is quickly becoming a thing of the past. There are new computerized roasters where a roastmaster merely pushes a button and waits for the roast to finish.

liquid heaVen... sinfully delicious coffee continues to see to it that its roasting is done without a push of the button. We see to it that the time, temp and every other variable in between is still carried out the old fashioned way.

That is why liQuid heaVen is now and always will be a quality of coffee that other less experience companies cannot reproduce. The proof is in the taste!


So thats how coffee starts...

Coffee berries, which contain the coffee bean, are produced by several species of small evergreen bush. The two most commonly grown species are Coffea canephora (also known as Coffea robusta) and Coffea arabica.

Once ripe, coffee berries are picked, processed, and dried. The seeds are then roasted, undergoing several physical and chemical changes. They are roasted to varying degrees, depending on the desired flavor. They are then ground and brewed to create coffee.

Coffee trees grow to heights above 15 feet. They are normally pruned to around 8 feet in order to facilitate harvesting.

The coffee tree produces its first full crop when it is about 5 years old. Thereafter it produces consistently for 15 or 20 years.


Drinking Coffee May Help to Ward Off a Stroke

The new study released Monday for the March 3rd issue of Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association, shows women who regularly drank at least four cups of coffee a day, reduced their risk of stroke by 20 percent, compared to those women who drank less than a cup monthly.

If women drank from five to seven cups of coffee weekly, they reduced their risk of stroke by 19 percent. Those women who drank from two to three cups of coffee daily reduced their risk of stroke by 10 percent. "Many people have been very concerned that coffee might actually be a risk factor for stroke, that it might, in fact, increase the risk of stroke," according to Rob M. van Dam, the study's co-author, and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health, in Boston. "But here we saw that it might end up being beneficial rather than detrimental."

Read rest of article here.

Want to try liQuid heaVen for FREE?

We REALLY want you to!

If you enjoy your coffee with a flavoured creamer we would like to send you a free sample pod of liQuid heaVen. Free, not a penny, and we'll even pay for shipping!

All we do ask is you give us your opinion after drinking it. Just come back to our blog and comment here on what you think about liQuid heaVen. Then, if you REALLY love it, like we think you will, consider buying some.

So fill out your info below and your pod of liQuid heaVen is on its way!

liQuid heaVen is non-proprietary and was made for all one cup coffee brewers.

Just in case you don't own a one cup coffee maker, I don't see why you couldn't put the bag in a cup of good filtered hot water, let it steep to perfection, remove the sack and put your flavoured creamer of choice in.

So once you try it, please let us know how it was for you! Many thanks and happy brewing!

* Your info is safe with us. We NEVER sell or share it, ever. That is not cool.


Coffee Prevents Parkinson's Disease Study Says

Excerpt from NY Daily News article 2-15-09

Both eggs and coffee, once kicked to the curb by nutritionists because they were thought to bring on heart attacks and pancreatic cancer, respectively, now are touted as great for dieters (eggs) and ideal for preventing Parkinson's disease (coffee).


Welcome to liQuid heaVen!

I, like everyone else, enjoy a great cup of coffee. To be truly brewed correctly time after time, I personally believe one has to have a one cup coffee brewer using a brand of coffee beyond reproach.

So, I was one of the first to buy the Senseo one cup coffee machine when they came out four years ago. At that time they were made in POLAND, now they are made in China... isn’t everything?

To say the least, I did the Douwe thing, and tried a ton of other pods over the past four years. Now I personally enjoy flavoured coffee, hazelnut to be precise.

Long story short, after continually sampling all the pods that were out there, I decided that I would attempt to bring about a new unique style of coffee.

One that would be geared toward flavoured creamers only and would be able to be brewed in ALL pod coffee makers. After over two and half years of experimentation, and the casualty of one Senseo Coffee machine (burned out its pump!), success!

I teach school so I tested it amongst my colleagues...
I just asked them if they would like a cup of coffee and left it at that.

It was after their first couple of sips that they exclaimed of its goodness and attributes. I received so many compliments from some saying that it was the best coffee they ever had and way better than that big coffee house which sports the S name! It was then that I told them that over the past two years how I have been striving to brew a unique blend of coffee. Many of my colleagues told me that I had done so and that was encouraging.

liQuid heaVen was created and blended specifically for flavoured creamers. liQuid heaVen's specialty blend creates an intensely rich flavour free of acidity allowing all creamers to meld and bring out their intense flavours.

Since then I have come to find out that research biologist Isable Lopez Galilea at the University of Navarra at Pamplona Madrid, Spain has conducted a study on Torrefacto-roasted coffees. She is said to have shown that Torrefacto-roasting provides high antioxident properties within coffee. liQuid heaVen is Torrefacto-roasted!

I have taken into account the vast variety of both pod and single cup machines on the market today.

I crafted it so that liQuid heaVen’s bag is non-proprietary and works in ANY coffee maker! And yes, after all this time-I am (and hopefully you will be) putting a square bag in a round hole!

So stay tuned for details how to get your very own taste of liQuid heaVen. Be sure to come back and add us to your bloglist for everything coffee!

liQuid heaVen... a sinfully delicious cup of excellence.