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I, like everyone else, enjoy a great cup of coffee. To be truly brewed correctly time after time, I personally believe one has to have a one cup coffee brewer using a brand of coffee beyond reproach.

So, I was one of the first to buy the Senseo one cup coffee machine when they came out four years ago. At that time they were made in POLAND, now they are made in China... isn’t everything?

To say the least, I did the Douwe thing, and tried a ton of other pods over the past four years. Now I personally enjoy flavoured coffee, hazelnut to be precise.

Long story short, after continually sampling all the pods that were out there, I decided that I would attempt to bring about a new unique style of coffee.

One that would be geared toward flavoured creamers only and would be able to be brewed in ALL pod coffee makers. After over two and half years of experimentation, and the casualty of one Senseo Coffee machine (burned out its pump!), success!

I teach school so I tested it amongst my colleagues...
I just asked them if they would like a cup of coffee and left it at that.

It was after their first couple of sips that they exclaimed of its goodness and attributes. I received so many compliments from some saying that it was the best coffee they ever had and way better than that big coffee house which sports the S name! It was then that I told them that over the past two years how I have been striving to brew a unique blend of coffee. Many of my colleagues told me that I had done so and that was encouraging.

liQuid heaVen was created and blended specifically for flavoured creamers. liQuid heaVen's specialty blend creates an intensely rich flavour free of acidity allowing all creamers to meld and bring out their intense flavours.

Since then I have come to find out that research biologist Isable Lopez Galilea at the University of Navarra at Pamplona Madrid, Spain has conducted a study on Torrefacto-roasted coffees. She is said to have shown that Torrefacto-roasting provides high antioxident properties within coffee. liQuid heaVen is Torrefacto-roasted!

I have taken into account the vast variety of both pod and single cup machines on the market today.

I crafted it so that liQuid heaVen’s bag is non-proprietary and works in ANY coffee maker! And yes, after all this time-I am (and hopefully you will be) putting a square bag in a round hole!

So stay tuned for details how to get your very own taste of liQuid heaVen. Be sure to come back and add us to your bloglist for everything coffee!

liQuid heaVen... a sinfully delicious cup of excellence.

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