Coffee is an artform

I would like to thank Jocelyn for her kind words via e-mail.

Jocelyn said, "You have ameliorated the coffee world with your introduction of liQuid heaVen."

To be honest with you I had to look up the word ameliorated. Ameliorated is "to make or become better, more bearable, or more satisfactory; to improve; meliorate." WOW! Thank you Jocelyn!

To answer the question if we are using T-Fal bags... the answer is a most definite YES! We found them to be the best for encapsulating liQuid heaVen. They are amazingly convenient, chlorine-free, heat sealable filter paper made from wood pulp and hemp fibers which ensure taste-neutrality, thus leaving no discriminate taste, all making for perfect coffee extraction without the perceived hassle.

Jocelyn thank you for your order and we have some additional liQuid heaVen on its way to you... on the house!

Also, a big shout out to Charles who sent this in. "The only thing better than liQuid heaVen is more of it!" Thank you Charles, I could not have said it better than that!


In this age of mass-production, it's good to know there is a coffee named liQuid heaVen, that is run by people who consider coffee an artform, a craft.

Much like grapes used in the making of wine, coffee beans are a product of artful farming that is unique and every changing. It still takes a skilled gifted roaster, a craftsperson if you will, using his or her many senses in an integrated way to bring out and balance what nature offers in these magical little beans we have come to call coffee.

liQuid heaVen stipulates that it demands the highest quality of coffee and that it is checked for aroma, flavour and a palate test before it is allowed into the roasting facility. That is why liQuid heaVen possesses a richer and more balanced flavour than mass produced coffee.

With sadness, I have to report that in many situations the art of roasting coffee is quickly becoming a thing of the past. There are new computerized roasters where a roastmaster merely pushes a button and waits for the roast to finish.

liquid heaVen... sinfully delicious coffee continues to see to it that its roasting is done without a push of the button. We see to it that the time, temp and every other variable in between is still carried out the old fashioned way.

That is why liQuid heaVen is now and always will be a quality of coffee that other less experience companies cannot reproduce. The proof is in the taste!

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