Why aren't more people brewing coffee at home?

Having your own home espresso or soft pod coffee machine is no longer a luxury anymore, it has become a MUST!

With today’s high prices of coffee house drinks (plus the added expense of gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, coupled with your time consumed while standing in line) it’s actually a cost effective savings, a no brainer if you will.

Envision getting up in the morning, pushing the on button on your Senseo, Simple Human or for that matter, any single cup brewer and within minutes you have a delicious hot brewed cup of coffee to enjoy while searching the internet or preparing for your daily routine.

Cost? Pennies on the dollar as compared to a coffee house brewed cup.

If this is the case, ( and it is ) then why do so many people NOT do this?

Is it the profuse amount of discretionary money that the coffee drinking public has to its credit? Is it force of habit? Is it status? Or, are they not aware of what they are missing by investing in a single cup pod brewer of their own?

Somebody please tell me because I just don't get it.

Then again, two years ago when I got my cell phone I terminated my home phone and saved a bundle each and every month; now this seems to be the trend. Maybe I am ahead of my time?

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