The World and its Coffee Supply

Arabica beans consist of 75% of the world's total output. Followed by Robusta coffee beans making up the remaining 25%.

Where does the world go for its Arabica beans?

- 30% of it comes from Brazil. (natural treated)
- 25% of it comes from Central America, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. (washed coffee beans)
- 10% of it comes from Africa
- 15% of it comes from Asia*

Leaving the world seeking Robusta beans.... where do they come from? Significantly, from three places: Africa, Indonesia and Brazil.

Now there may be other countries supplying both Arabica and Robusta to the world's need for coffee. However, their per-centage is far lower that what has been reported here.

* Merol

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Wow that is interesting, i never knew that, thanks for sharing. I would like to try your coffee, going to fill out form now.