Egyptian Coffee... amazing!

My friend who lives in Cairo, Egypt sent me some pictures of a local shop he buys his fresh coffee from. This shop in the Heliopolis district of Cairo has been run by the same family for generations.

They roast and grind their coffees using the same machines as they did when they opened many decades ago!

I was fortunate enough to taste some coffee from this shop when my friend was vsiting here and it was unlike any other coffee I'd ever had, exception being of course liQuid heaVen. This Egyptian Coffee, was a special blend of several fresh spices mixed with freshly ground roasted beans. It was extremely aromatic, and had a deep, rich dark color.

Coffee is called ahwa, in the Egyptian dialect. In other Arabic speaking countries they say qahwa, قهوة .

When ordering coffee in Egypt you order it based on the amount of sugar you want. For example if you would like a medium sweetness you would ask for "ahwa masboot", for very sweet coffee "ahwa zeeada" and for coffee without sugar "ahwa sada."
Here are a few pictures of this great little coffee store....


Adam said...

I love Egyptian coffee too! That was all i drank while in Cairo. Thanks for reminding me of a great trip with great coffee.

Renee said...

Thank you for posting this - very interesting! Loved the photos of an Egyptian coffee shop..