Is The Plastic Used In Keurig K-Cups Safe?

Found this on: http://www.coffeedetective.com/

Sep 20, 2010 My K-Cup Filter by: Anonymous

The concern of Plastic in K-Cups is on everyones mind as is the waste thrown in the landfills. Those comments are all valid and it shows that consumers are thinking about the long term results. The My K-Cup re-usable filter answers some of these concerns, but it makes it less convenient..lets face it we bought into single cup for variety & convenience. This is where I found the best answer to both concerns...

USE PODS- of the SOFT PACK variety. Pods have been around since the late 60's and offer the freshness and variety without the plastic. Its filter paper & Coffee- just open up the pods and pour the coffee into your My-K-Cup filter. THe Pods keep fresh and are half the price of the K-Cups.

I read this over and over and tried to make sense of it. WHY? Why go through all this trouble? Invest in a good one cup POD BREWER. Put your filter paper coffee pods into it and brew cup after cup of consistent flavourful coffee. If I am wrong on this, someone please tell me. Oh...and the pods he said are half the priice of K Cups....need anymore reasons?


Laurent said...

I still think fresh ground coffee is the way to go, and no waiste!

Anonymous said...

You every notice that there is a after taste from the K-cups.
In one blog I found the company came back and said they didn't not what type of plastic they use. Then they said the plastic did contain BPA. Next they said the water doesn't get hot enough to release the BPA. Did they ever take into account that the cup gets pressurized and when do that the cup gets hotter under pressure.
You can always use sensco singles much safer. Just use a Bunn with a cup. Take your own coffee and filter and make one cups and throw out the filter when your done. This is the cheapeast and fastest, because the Bunn coffer pot has reservoir that keeps the water hot at all times. Truely instant coffee. MZ