Hurry! Get Your 'Overpriced' Non-Recylceble KCUPS Before Prices Go Up? Huh?

Hurry! Now's the time to grab your favorite Keurig products before the industry's October price increase soon!

Here's the ticket!  Craiglist your Keurig and fast! 

Money obtained from the sale of it... invest in a single cup pod/ground coffee  brewer.

My brewer of choice is Starbucks Barista Solo*, no longer sold.  You can find them on ebay and sometimes on Craigslist.  Why the Solo?
You can put pods in it.  You can put your grounds in the basket.  In other words,
borrowing on the Burger King saying, "You can have it your way!"  Trust me...after
a cup of having it your way at about half the cost of the plastic capsulated
version, you will be saying, borrowing on the McDonalds (equal time, eh?)
"I'm loving it!" 

*There was a mftring problem with the Barista Solo which led to its demise.  Minor, as it was, it is my opinon that it just proved to be to much for Starbucks to be dealing with.  If you get one, e mail me 
I will instruct you what to do.  Believe me, it is easy and achieveable to correct in less than the time it will take you to brew the best cup of coffee you will have out of this brewer.

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Jdean said...

I love the title but hate the K-cups. All coffee tastes the same going through one of these machines because of the residue left after each brewing. And for tea drinkers, every cup of tea tastes like coffee. I have cleaned our machine, cycled water through it, and there is nothing I have been able to do to get tea to taste like tea, instead of like coffee. I have taken to flavored coffees in a pouch. One cup at a time - and there are some really good ones out there. My favorite I found at an Asian food store in Seattle and it is made in Malaysia. It is a "white coffee" that I just have to add hot water to. I have also tried to find it online and the only place I found, in the U.S., was www.asianwhitecoffee.com. I won't use the KCup coffee again.