This is an article on: 'Enjoyable Coffee' (operative word...enjoyable.)

Lets begin with KCUPS shall we? Enjoyable? Permit me to express disclosure here...I hate them with a passion!

I look upon them as the biggest fraud perpetuated upon the coffee industry. I had someone yell at me, "Hey looser they account for 3 billion in sales alone!" He was correct on both accounts...I am a looser, I admit that and yes they do account for that much in sales. I suspect it is the convenience, the so called selection. I think they are up to over 300 varieties of flavours. (gimme a break...pumpkin pie my arse!)

Hey, schmuck...what about enjoyable? Oh yeah.. They are convenient, easy to get hot coloured water from and permit easy clean up. Is that enjoyable to you?

Can you recycle them? Aaaah...No! The once flavourful ground coffee contained within the white #7 plastic capsule is pulverized beyond belief...even more so than Turkish ground espresso. It has to be to allow 198 degree water to permeate through it in 45 seconds or less providing you (in my estimation) with coloured brown weak hot water (some have expressed a 'plasticy taste') which is just about one step above instant coffee. (sorry for that reference IC lovers.)

Manufacturers of these KCUPS refer to them as pods! THEY ARE NOT PODS! Comparing K CUPS to PODS is like comparing the woman on the corner as being your girlfriend...answer for both questions is....NO THEY ARE NOT! (I think)

So what is enjoyable coffee? It is coffee that you truly love to drink. Coffee that you can not be without. Exquisite coffee that is always good to the last drop. Thank you Maxwell house for that one.

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