Like coffee? Your plants may like it too!

There's a way to recycle and literally make your environment green: gardening with your coffee grounds! No doubt you've heard of putting your grounds in the soil or compost pile.
But why is it a good thing? Experts at Oregon State University'S Cooperative Extension found coffee grounds are about 2 percent nitrogen by volume. Nitrogen is one of the 13 mineral nutrients plants need to grow, and it's a primary nutrient.
Acid loving plants, like blueberries or evergreens, will appreciate a jolt from coffee grounds.
But don't use too much. Start with a teaspoon around the base of the plant, not next to the stem. Wait a week and try it again to see if your plant likes it.
Not a coffee drinker? No problem. Check with your local coffee shop! Many coffee shops will give you their grounds for free!
Source: wfmynews2.com 

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