Single Cup Coffee Maker that would do it ALL

I would like your honest answer to a question please...

Here at liQuid heaVen we've been discussing, and are in a discussion fact finding stage presently. We are thinking of designing and marketing a single cup coffee maker.

This single serve vehicle would have a permanent re-useable nylon filter basket for both coffee and loose tea. It's footprint would be minimal, allowing one to take it with you. It would be a work of art in chrome.  It would also take any form of  pod, ground coffee, loose tea, tea bags and provide a consistently fantastic hot cup of brew from it.

The question I pose to you,  would this be of interest to you?

What if it had a life time guarantee for say, oh just ...$59.95?

WE COULD include all the bells and whistles if need be, but- I DON'T WANT TOO! I contend that all that is needed is a lighted on/off button that when pressed within three (3) minutes brews hot, your favourite ground or pod coffee or tea or loose tea.

Must you have a removable water reservoir? I am thinking permanent. You remove things, things break.  However, it has to be accessible for easy filling.

What do you think? Please let us know.  We are serious as a heart attack about this.


Derek said...

I work in the industry and am looking for the same thing. No wasteful over packaging - just a pod (even better if it's unbleached)

If it makes a good cup, not only would I buy one, I'd offer to be a reseller.

One concern is that I, like many others, drink more than a 6-8oz cup in the morning. It would be nice to have the option to brew a 12-16 oz mug. Obviously you'd need a finer grind or larger pillow pack.

Let me know when you release it! derek@levelground.com

Anonymous said...

To address your question loosely "how to make a coffee maker":

Create an American-made brewing unit of quality that uses things like glass, ceramics, and etc. regardless of cost. Think of the coined phrase "German-Engineering"... how did that phrase come about? Would you expect that item to be of quality? You might expect it to cost more, too.

Look at all the people scurrying about the Internet on this subject! They would surely spend anything on a unit that worked well and might even be handed down to future generations.

Frustratingly, designed "flaws" is what present-day producers rely on for future sales of parts or replacements. Poorly made disposable products are only good for today!!

I pay top dollar for Apple's products only because I know of their quality. They're worth it. I cry once and never cry again.

I've owned countless coffee makers, mostly out of frustration. So, is that the Master-Plan... to force me to continually "buy"? Probably.

As a consumer, I despise consumer manipulation in all of it's forms, and it is rampant in most everything from advertising to shelf displays! They play on the fact that you can be confused by packaging, etc. and buy the wrong "thing" the first time and come back to buy the one you really wanted. In a thousand years, would this seem like a good idea for the sake of all mankind?

The Romans realized lead was bad for them. Napoleon arguably died from the green ink in his wallpaper while in exile. As an advanced society, with using plastics for our food and drink, we will someday wonder, "what were we thinking?"!

It is time to address potential health threats regardless of the cost of something like one coffee brewer.

I need a cup of coffee now.
Tom B.