As a people we are powerless. It is our government that is causing this and they know it!

I rarely get Political on this blog.  However, I came accross this comment from steveola251c appearing in the Washington Post which sums up why we as a nation are hated throughout the middle east.

steveola251c wrote:

I am ashamed of myself, as an American, for what my government has done in our name in the middle east. There is no excuse for our occupations, killing of hundreds of thousands of innocents, inundating their countries with depleted uranium weapons, white phosphorous weapons, sex slavery, inhuman torture of prisoners and all. We have no moral high ground whatsoever. I can honestly say that America, as an organized terrorist organization, is the biggest threat to the world, financially (through Goldman Sachs thievery) and decimation (through the American military.) In our empirical interests we will destroy ourselves, and we have no one else to blame. May our children forgive us for what we have done to their futures.

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