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Dec 02, 2014Toxic Toxic Toxic
by: Anonymous 

I do a lot of fasting. When I fast I clean out my body super well. I can do 40 days, on organic juices. When I break my fast, I slowly introduce other foods. I am like a canary down the mines. My body can tell so fast if something is toxic.
These Keurig machines, and the cups they put the coffee in are very very toxic. I got instant headache, a feeling of extreme tiredness, restlessness, nausea and anger. I only had a couple of cups from a new machine. The carafe smells badly of plastic, and the hot water tastes like plastic. I would stay away from it. I am taking my new machine back to the store today. The convenience is sure not worth the toxic junk we get hurt by!!!

Nov 30, 2014Water won't heat no brewing
by: Anonymous 

I followed the instructions on here and did the slap thing. I did it once, turned the machine off for a long while and it worked! Now that I've read all the BPA and #7 info, which I didn't see on the instructions, I'm not sure I want to use the machine.

Nov 23, 2014Kcup prodution
by: Anonymous 

I work at a factory that produces k cups. They are inspected for dirt and cantamination. Half way
Then packed. I wouldn't use one.
Source: CoffeeDetective

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