3 Things you don't know about Coffee

Here’s a staggering number for you: In the US, 100 million people wake up each day and reach for their favorite coffee drink. This means java is officially more popular than Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus' best twerking videos - combined. For you football fans: that's more than 7 seasons-worth of Super Bowl viewers, rolling over and grabbing a hot cuppa every day. And so, we chose to take a deep-dive on America's consta-buzzing coffee culture with this year's Zagat.com Coffee Survey, which was conducted from Feb. 12-18. What are we drinking? How much are we paying? Where are we buying? These answers and more are illustrated below - in pretty infographics. Have a look:

# 1: Regular coffee rules the day:
#2: The younger you are, the more you'll pay:
#3: The coffee maker might be America's best friend:
Source: Zagat

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