Cool Coffee Facts

Did you know...
- It takes five years for a coffee tree to reach maturity. The average yield from one tree is the equivalent of one roasted pound of coffee.
- Coffee cherries usually contain two “beans”, except for the single bean peaberry anomaly. Cherries with three beans are deemed to be a sign of good luck.
- There are two types of oils in coffee, good oils and bad oils. The good oils are good for your body and your health, the bad oils are what give you ulcers and stomach problems. To avoid the bad oils in coffee simply use paper filters to minimize the effects.
- In Africa coffee beans are soaked in water mixed with spices and served as candy to chew.
- There are 65 countries in the world that grow coffee and they are all along the equator.
- Coffee in the United States is only grown in Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
- Espresso Coffee has just one third of the caffeine content of a cup of regular coffee.
- Instant coffee was invented in 1901 by a Japanese American chemist known as Satori Kato. Later in 1906 a more known English chemist known as George Constant Washington claimed he invented instant coffee.
- Robusta coffee beans have twice as much caffeine than Arabica beans, but are of less quality.
- Coffee sacks are usually made of hemp and weigh approximately 132 pounds when they are full of green coffee beans. It takes over 600,000 beans to fill a coffee sack.

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