K-Cup plastic, continues to be very dangerous

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Jul 14, 2012re: BPA in k-cups
by: katyq4u

What is your most reliable source? You say above that these contain no BPA and then have information below stating they do, but BPA is not harmful according to FDA.

Take what the FDA says with a grain of salt. As long as there is no specifically correlated proof that BPA causes significant harm, doesn't mean it is healthy. BPA messes with hormones. Especially in the growth and development stages. This can result in issues related to thyroid and obesity.

I'm not against using this product, but I am frustrated that they are considering a recyclable option, but appear to ignore the BPA issue. I will be the first to purchase the product if it stated BPA free and meant it.

Jul 11, 2012Coffee causing sickness
by: Linda Moore

I was wondering if there has been a recall issued on the Keurig K cup Breakfast blend. Several times my husband has gotten very sick, to the point that he had to stop his car on the way to work and vomit. The only thing he had have was the Keurig coffee. I on the other hand am experiencing gastric upset after drinking the same blend. Wondering who I could contact about this. Thanks!
Linda Moore
Alexandria, TN

Jun 06, 2012What are the ingredients in the coffee?
by: Anonymous

what are the ingredients in the coffee? How is the coffee itself processed?

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