Disposable French Press in a Bag Makes a Great Cup of Coffee


The Coffeebrewer is a disposable French press. Inside the pouch is a filter with 26 g of freshly ground specialty coffee. To brew 3 cups of coffee, all you need is to open it, pour 1/2 L hot water into it, and let it brew 5-8 min. Now we know we're all about single serve coffee, but we think this coffee in a bag hits the mark. It's contained, portable, and makes a great cup of coffee.

How does it work?

1. Open

  • OPEN the top from side to side
  • PULL OUT the red string
  • SHAPE the bottom to make it stand

2. Brew

  • POUR in 1/2 L of hot water
  • CLOSE zipper in the top
  • BREW for 5—6 min

3. Serve

  • SERVE as illustrated
  • ENJOY 0,5 liter of gourmet coffee!

Source: SingleServeCoffee

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Java Bean Plus said...

This is really innovative. Surprised that we haven't seen this before