Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year in 2012 To Everyone!

     I look forward to establishing liQuid heaVen as amongst the most requested on the world wide web in this New Year of 2012. 
     We will ship our exquisite coffee and teas around the world to all who want the best coffee and teas on earth, or should I say from earth as that is where the beans originally come from.  We have one more rung on our ladder of climb to success and that is establishing a 'to die for' espresso. 
     We have taste tested many Arabica beans from all over the world.  We have narrowed our discriminate search down to the final three.
     Roasting to my and our cuppers satifaction is the last hurdle. If I may tempt you, wait, just you wait till you taste our Plum Tea.  Hot or cold it is 'knock your socks off' quality that you will crave! 

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