Air, coffee's worst enemy!

How Ironic when you think about It; but then again, who really thinks about this other than us here at liQuid heaVen...

Simply, factually stated: AIR is the worst enemy of COFFEE.

Yet, stroll down any isle of any store that sells coffee and what do you see?

Carry this one step further if you will. You all drink coffee and you all have bought coffee, or sent for it via the internet. 

You have received coffee just like it is in every isle in every store that sells it. In a 'wide mouth' open bag, be it paper or foil. In a large red plastic 'wide opening' can like that of Folgers, or a big blue metal 'wide opening' can like that of Maxwell House. Or the 'wide mouth' coffee packages in various materials and the list goes on and on.

Once opened you are dreaming that afterwards by closing that can or bag you have trapped air OUT! Contrary mon ami…....YOU HAVE LOCKED AND SEALED IT IN. You opened it, forced in air by scooping or spooning and closed the bag or can sealing in unwanted air!

Ask yourself this question, If AIR is the WORST enemy of coffee, and it most certainly is, why do ALL manufacturers package their product in wide unnecessary opening packages?
Simple. They either don't care or have not given any thought as to why they have to emulate what their competitors are doing. Which by the way, is wrong!

Let’s look into the psychology of this ‘wide mouth’ packaging design that these coffee manufacturers are employing. Does it approach sustainability? I say not! Immediately K Cups comes to mind when I say how much waste is created by packaging. The K cup is the chief offender in packaging waste in our industry. The public does not think nor believe they are affected by packaging design. Well, they most certainly are.

Here at liQuid heaVen our top notch Research and Design staff have come up with the ultimate FRESH FOREVER® packaging of the best coffee on earth. We do not follow in any footsteps; we blaze a trail in uniqueness while maintaining sustainability in packaging.

Both staffs outlined goals. First and foremost liQuid heaVen’s coffee packaging must be Food Contact Acceptable. It must resist and be tolerant of Temperature while having a high degree of both tolerances and clarity. Both Research and Design were emphatic that the package be both Chemical and Impact Resistant. It’s Rigidity must be high and lastly, and most importantly, it must be made from clean and pure FDA Approved material and above all be Recyclable.

The extraordinary team here at liQuid heaVen have achieved all this and look forward to announcing it to the world.

All of our coffees and teas will be sealed within an FDA approved package that assures that liQuid heaVen products will remain Fresh Forever®

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