Gifted A Single Cup Coffee Maker To A Good Friend

My good friend, everytime I went over to his house generously offered me a cup of fresh brewed coffee. He used the cone filter into the cup pour over if you know what I mean. I applauded him for doing so, but asked, "Doesn't this get old?"

He sort of laughed and said, "It's better than K Cups, is it not? Could not agree more. I had some single cup prototypes made, 4 to be exact. They did not meet liQuid heaVen's high expectations, so I gave a coffee maker to him explaining what I just put forth here.

BOOM!...my cup was ready in less than three minuetes, his to follow. He told me the only differences he sees now will be speed and cleanup which will be much less with the coffee maker I gave him. As for taste, he said he could not tell the difference. He was correct on both accounts.

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