Another Sharp Person Realizing KCUPS Are All Hype!

Posted by Jdean to liQuid heaVen Global at 12/12/10 11:30 AM

All coffee tastes the same going through any of these KCUP machines because of the residue left after each brewing.

And for tea drinkers, every cup of tea tastes like coffee. I have cleaned our machine, cycled water through it, and there is nothing I have been able to do to get tea to taste like tea, instead of like coffee.

I have taken to flavored coffees in a pouch. One cup at a time - and there are some really good ones out there. My favorite I found at an Asian food store in Seattle and it is made in Malaysia. It is a "white coffee" that I just have to add hot water to. I have also tried to find it online and the only place I found, in the U.S., was www.asianwhitecoffee.com. I won't use the KCup coffee again.

liQuid heaVen sez: Welcome to the real world of coffee and thank you!

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