Is the plastic used in Keurig K-Cups safe?

As always more comments on the "wonderful" K-cup over at coffee detective

Mar 04, 2015yuck
by: dee 

Nasty stuff! Don't use it!

Mar 02, 2015plastic
by: Anonymous 

Are you serious? Have you read the ingriedients in the junk? You will be hard pressed to even find any coffee in that mess. I can't believe people drink that crap.

Feb 20, 2015Hives
by: Amy 

I have been getting hives all over my legs and arms for the past few weeks. The only thing tahat I have introduced in my daily routine has been k-cups Earl Grey and Jasmine tea. The hives go away by morning, but come back full blast around 11am. I did not have my tea this morning and so far so good. I will know better tomorrow. I also am allergic to Advil. I wonder what is in those k-cups???

Feb 14, 2015Modern Percolator
by: Mountainman 

I use a modern percolator that is all stainless steel. Mine is made by Presto and contains no plastic that would touch the coffee at all. These are readily available. Modern percolator's do not overheat the coffee as the ones in the past did. They make great coffee, produce no environment waste, are cheap and best of all add no chemicals to the coffee.

Feb 06, 2015Stomach problems 
by: Rob 

During a period of time I was using Keurig alot a few years ago I developed severe stomach problems that made me incredibly ill for almost a year. it was horrible. I will never use keurig again.

Feb 02, 2015BPA or BPS?
by: Anonymous 

you state that k-cups have no BPA in them.....what about BPS. the industry has said to have changed BPA and made it better, now calling it BPS.....BPS is hardly better, as a matter of fact is is worse then BPS.....so i ask, do you have BPS in your plastics?

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