Is the plastic used in Keurig K-Cups safe?

Oct 10, 2014First of all
by: Florenzo 

The brewer and the K cup phenomon is entrenched embedded within the minds of a lazy 'I want it now' public. For those of us who truly enjoy a good cup of coffee, well, we understand it will not be coming from a Keurig brewer or K cup. But, we are in the minority as the American public has bought into lock stock & barrell into the K cup convenience. There are single cup brewers out there that don't deal with proprietory coffee
at usurous prices. Hell, you can even use the coffee of your choice and make it a strong as you like. I know this as a fact, as I use one. o you little Walter Mittys out there that swear that the Keurig K Cup revolution is the 2nd coming..
well..enjoy the inferiority.

Oct 10, 2014Plastic Grit
by: Anonymous 

The Keurig water reservoir on my Keurig Platinum model gets this heavy, gritty, clear salt-like material on the inner walls of the water container. I use nothing but bottled water to make coffee. There has to be a problem with something leaching out of the plastic. The gritty material has to be removed when the water sits in the container overnight.

Oct 07, 2014The aluminum and plastic
by: Anonymous 


Although there is no BPA in the k cups, plastic toxins can still leach into your coffee. In order to remove BPA they add other chemicals to it that also leach. It is all an advertising scheme to make the population feel better. I think the cups should be made from recyclable paper. As far as the Aluminum top there has been studies showing that Aluminum is linked to Alzheimers. The K-Cups in my opinion are not safe. I do have a Kuerig but have been rethinking going back to the old school way of making my coffee. I only use the Keurig ont he weekends for my daily cup of coffee but I just don't feel right about it anymore.

Oct 06, 2014This has GOT to be written by some coffee lobbyist
by: Anonymous 

Way to tow the company line.....pollution, carcinogens (other plastics no BPA) artificial flavors...mmmmm

Aug 24, 2014Awful melted plastic taste 
by: Anonymous 

I ingested much plastic-chemical tasting liquid today. Trying to "fix" new k45 elite! NO MORE.
Am sick to my stomach and pray will have no long term harm!
Get this product off the market!---or FIX it!
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