How Cubans Do Coffee

How Cubans Do Coffee

“Coffee is one of those extremely cultural things that a Cuban can not live without,” laughs the Miami resident (and native Cuban) featured in this video. In her community, from dawn to dusk, coffee serves as both ritual and source of pride.

Yet sources differ on what precisely makes a cup of joe “Cuban”, as writer Michelle Slatalla discovered in a 2003 New York Times story: Sources disagreed about the “proper” coffee bean, brewing method, and serving style, leading Slatalla to guess that “Cuban-style coffee was more of a state of mind than anything else.”

Most experts agree that an espresso brewing method is key, as is the azuquita, a crema produced when a small amount of the espresso is frothed by hand with sugar, then added to the rest of the brew. Cookbook author Lourdes Castro at Epicurious wrote emphatically, "Many don’t realize that it’s the technique for making the crema—not the type of coffee beans used—that makes the coffee Cuban.” 

Our video narrator’s tip? “I have a little secret between my grandfather and I. He would add just a tidbit of salt—just a little bit, because you don’t want to overdo it.” A few granules makes sugar taste even sweeter, a phenomenon backed up by science. We’ll drink to that. 

Source: Yahoo Food

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