Summer is Knocking, Greet it With Iced Coffee

So you wanna brew iced coffee? You’re in the right place. Summers can get hot. Real hot. As a result, the scene of sitting by the fire drinking a warm cup of coffee begins to lose its romantic appeal. That’s okay. It’ll be back in the Fall.
For now, a new scene should be entering your mind: You are reading a book or newspaper on the porch. It’s warm, but not yet hot this morning. Instead of steam rolling off the top of your mug, ice floats to the top of the mason jar. You take a sip in between pages and can feel the sweet elixir cooling down your body. Bliss.
Of course, this is only possible if you know how to brew a good cup of iced coffee. Thus, I give you three iced coffee recipes that I personally enjoy and will be sporting many times throughout the summer.

1. The Basic Pour Over

Let’s start simple. This iced coffee recipe is very basic and can be built upon once you’re comfortable manipulating variables. This simple recipe can be used with any pour over brewer. I typically use the Hario V60.
  • Coffee: 20g – Medium
  • Water: 150g – 200°F
  • Ice: 150g
Boil your water, grind your coffee, and collect your ice in a tall glass. Since we’re using 150g of ice, we’re going to cut our water usage to only 150g. This may not seem like much water, but this ratio will create a good balance between the coffee and the melting ice.
Begin by pouring about 25g of water onto the bed of coffee grounds in your pour over device. Let it sit for about fifteen seconds, letting the grounds bloom and breathe. Continue pouring water slowly and evenly in a circle around the bed of the coffee. Don’t dump the water in quickly, but try to pour it in at the same right the coffee is dripping out of the bottom, producing a well-extracted cup.
After you have poured 150g of water into the coffee grounds, toss the filter, rinse the brewer, and enjoy.
Counter Culture produced an excellent video guide on this simple, adaptable method. Check it out.

Once you’ve done this several times, start experimenting with the ratios. Want more ice? Put more in. More water? Try that also!

Read, see more videos at : coffeebrewguides.com

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