K-cup Coffee GREAT for your health!

Dec 13, 2013I also have sever stomach cramps
by: Zoomeranger

Wow....I have been using the Keurig coffee maker for over a year now. When I use the Starbuck's brand of single serve cups I would get a stomach cramp and feel off.

Finally this week after again using the machine with Starbucks and getting severe cramps I thought it might be the coffee brand alone, as other less intense brands don't bring on the same symptoms.

Reading the other blogs it is disconcerting about potential side affects from continued use.

I may go back to my old Tassimo which did not inflict the condition.

Question is? What government agency would look into this if the complaint were to be brought forward.

Good health to all readers. Drink spring water. It may be safer (I hope)

Dec 08, 2013Yes, BPA has toxicity
by: Anonymous

That is why BPA is banned in California, if they come in contact with infants. Can it be good for adults? It can't be great!

Dec 06, 2013FDA....ha
by: Anonymous

I believe very little of what the FDA says. I wished that wasn't so but they are in bed with money.

Nov 30, 2013Yes Virginia those K-Cups are TOXIC
by: OcularSpy.com

First and foremost #7 plastics are about the worst on the market for leaching both BPA and other nasty toxins into your coffee (or whatever). It is also used in the large plastic 3 and 5 gallon water bottles for coolers.

Granted there is not a huge significant amount but when you combine your coffee with your dozen personal care products, the flame retardant dust from your couch, bed, bedding, carpets and other foam products, the chemicals in your household cleaning supplies, air fresheners, and countless other things that you come across daily - well it all adds up to a toxic mixture that you didn't even know you were about to consume.

Paper coffee cups are sometimes lined with wax that will melt and re-harden inside your body. Then there is the question of recycled paper which in most cases can contain BPA as well.

With some very careful preparation you can find a way to significantly reduce your exposure to these high risk areas and really work on a clean life. It may not be as convenient at first but I choose life over convenience any day.

As for checking with the actual company, are you insane? They are going to do everything possible to protect their product, they do not have to disclose anything to you. This is an UNREGULATED area and one of high concern. #7 Other (usually polycarbonate) plastic: if you must use plastic it should be replaced with 1, 5 or corn-based plastics, or even shatter-resistant glass. The evil #7 is one of the worst out there often used in 5-gallon water bottles, some baby bottles, some metal can linings. Polycarbonate can release its primary building block, Bisphenol A, another suspected hormone disruptor, into liquids and foods. In 1998, the Japanese government ordered manufacturers there to recall and destroy polycarbonate tableware meant for use by children because it contained excessive amounts of bisphenol A. If this is banned for use in Japan and even China... what the hell are we doing using it?

Be proactive on your own health and minimize your use of all plastics. And never assume it's okay to heat plastic... it is a toxic chemical and over time it will cause serious health hazards.

Nov 22, 2013Other affects
by: Canadian

I have a healthy diet and I carefully select what I ingest. I've been at a new job for the past month. We have a Keurig machine and I've been drinking about 3 or 4 coffees brewed from the machine per week day. This has been the only change to my diet in the past month.

It seems like my sleeping patterns have been greatly affected. I have also started getting weird acne, which I never had before.

I see many comments about gastrointestinal discomfort but I'd like to know if people have experienced other affects.

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