Is the plastic used in Keurig K-Cups safe?

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 Is the plastic used in Keurig K-Cups safe? See comments from REAL PEOPLE below...

Sep 06, 2013Real Green
by: Anonymous

French Press baby! No waste. Great taste.

Aug 21, 2013Estrogens in Keurig and k cups
by: Huntsville, Al girl

I just wanted to let other women know if you are experiencing high levels of estrogen in your body, the keurig will cause this. My husband and I purchased a keurig and we loved it. After about a month My breasts starting growing more! Seriously, I thought o.k maybe menopause. Well they grew two cup sizes! I went to see my Gyno and have my hormone levels checked. He asked me if I had changed my diet in any way the last few months. He told me some things that cause high estrogen levels. One was the keurig and the k- cups. It's the plastic that is used on the keurig. I thought to myself...that's crazy. Couldn't be...well I stopped using the keurig and within two weeks my breasts went back to their normal size. Very disappointed that I could not use the keurig anymore. I don't want huge breasts though!!! Just and FYI...

Aug 08, 2013K Cup Intolerance?
by: Anonymous
I started using K Cups and Starbucks Verissimo cups in December. I did not put the two together but that's when the non-stop sinus and flu like symptoms started. I drank 1-2 cups a day.

Through the months I experienced severe dizziness, mood changes, aching, sinus infections, blurry vision and confusion.

I have been to the doctor mostly to treat the sinus. I decided to quit using plastic cups and went back to dripping my coffee. Within 2 weeks I felt so much better and every day after that even more so.

My sinus cleared along with all the other symptoms. So then the test. I tried coffee using the K cups again and today is day 4.

I am dizzy, my sinus clogged, so fatigued and feeling crappy. I am writing this as I lay on the couch after sleeping for an hour in the middle of the day.

Could this be related? I believe so. I am going to try it again, eliminating the plastics and see what happens. I do not think this is all in my head and not a coincidence!

Jun 19, 2013Plastics 3,6, 7 = Dangerous
by: Anonymous
BPA isn't the only thing to worry about.

#3 - PVC plastics - leach endocrine disruptors (just like BPA) into food. Banned in the toy industry for this reason.

#6 - leaks styrene into food when heated, a known carcinogen.

#7 - A catch all for plastics. May or may not contain BPA - who knows?

The talk of FDA approving levels of BPA is bogus. They based the recommendations on studies provided by plastics industry back in the 1980s. The serious dangers of low level endocrine disruptor exposure only became known after that. Consumer reports thinks about 20% of the FDA recommended level is safe.

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Anonymous said...

I'm having all of the symptoms mentioned by anonymous on Aug 8th, but after I started using my K cup machine every day, I developed a strange headache, consistent, and soon after became depressed for no reason. I started having anxiety attacks, which I don't normally have, and they were debilitating! I thought it was stress and the weather, and made a point to take extra special care of myself. Headache worsened slowly over 2 months, felt like I had food poisoning, or flu, doctor said I was fine. Wasted many days and weeks on the couch, affecting my job. Finally I developed severe and I mean serious vertigo, with a headache worse than any I've ever felt in my life. Almost went to the ER 3 times in past 2 weeks, worried about stroke, etc. I noticed a day where I didn't have the k cup with breakfast, I had no vertigo, first break in it, so I did an experiment with symptoms and using the machine. When I stopped using it, my symptoms improve. I feel like my ears are full also, and my vision is a little off, and I've felt faint a few times. Also, have had nightmares, reflux symptoms, and uncontrollable tear production. I discovered those are all symptoms of mold poisoning as well. I have fibroids and noticed vast increase in size and pain, and breast tenderness for no reason, after 2 months of using the machine. Am feeling immediate relief of most of my symptoms now, hoping to feel even better with discontinued use and some detox methods to help rid my body of mold or fungal growth.