Yummy, k-cup coffee!

As usual it just keeps better....

Thanks to coffeedetective for continuing to allow people to post their k-cup experiences! Scary man, scary indeed!

Dec 19, 2012too bad
by: Anonymous

its too bad they choose the worst plastic possible for the water reservoir. Why could they spent the extra money to manufacture the reservoir from a better plastic? This speaks volumes about the likelihood of the other plastics used in the machine. The other indication is that they do not mention what plastic is in the K-cup (and it is not labelled either). BPA was not something I was interested in ingesting but is it better than any form of PS in my book. (hormone disruptor versus cancer) I guess you have to pick your poison these days. I caved and buy one yesterday probably due to their BPA free claim which might suggest they were conscious about the health of the consumer. However, I am afraid I might have to give it away after reading this blog which confirmed what I suspected all along.

Dec 11, 2012Stomach pain and bloating
by: Disappointed

I'll start by saying that I am an avid coffee drinker and DO NOT experience discomfort of any kind when drinking it. Not until today that is. Had my first cup of coffee from my new Kuerig VUE and I was not even able to finish it. The discomfort I am feeling is very similar to that I have experienced after eating oysters. Severe stomach pain that comes in waves and bloating. I found that I have an allergy to oysters and have not touched them since. After reading that others are describing very similar symptoms, I have to believe there is something within the water reservoir or internal tubing that may be to blame. Goodbye VUE.

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