Is the plastic used in Keurig K-Cups safe?

"Coffee needs enough time in hot water to create a full bodied taste."
There is no way in hell this is achieved with a little plastic silly K cup!

The Verdict
by: Anonymous
I think it's obvious. If you value your health, stop using your K-cup brewer.

If you value the planet, stop using your K-cup brewer.

If you value your loved ones, help them to understand why they should stop using their K-cup brewers.

Chalk it up to the simple fact that they were a bad idea to begin with.

(And if you're still not convinced, check out Dr. Mercola's recent article on coffee, why it is imperative to drink only organic, and why it's better to use filters.)

by: Anonymous

I don't know how anyone can trust what the USA-FDA has to say or approve since they are very corrupt and have been paid off on several occasions. They will give their approval to the highest bidder. We need to care more about the health and welfare of the human race and stop the greed from clouding are judgement.

upset stomach
by: pes78
Is anyone else having upset stomach and gastric pain and bloating from the Keurig coffe maker?
We purchased ours 6 weeks ago, in the meantime my stomach is horribly upset. I stopped drinking coffee for a week and my stomach was feeling better and then I went back to drinking a cup every morning and within a few days I am feeling bad again!

Taken from coffedetective dot com

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