K-Cups... people are waking up

May 04, 2012   Tea in k cups is the most ridiculous, stupid and selfish idea ever 
 by: Anonymous

You need a machine to pour hot water over your tea for you? Here's a revolutionary idea: someone should invent little perforated sacks and fill them with tea leaves so hot water can be poured over them in a cup. Oh wait, they've been invented - they're called tea bags!
But what about hot chocolate? Why doesn't someone make hot chocolate so that you can just stir the powder into hot water or milk? Oh wait, they do that too!!!

May 03, 2012  K cups - not just your health is at risk
by: Anonymous

 How hard is it to use a measuring spoon and measure out 3 tablespoons of coffee? Why does anyone need a little plastic cup that makes homemade coffee so expensive you might as well go out and let someone make it for you, let alone that could be giving you cancer?
Have you not heard what's happening in the ocean? Islands of floating plastic as large as California. Why? Because we keep buying products encased in plastic.

K cups are one easy way to eliminate some of this plastic. Get over the fact that you spent money on a silly machine and go back to a natural way of making coffee. You can buy a $10 ceramic filter holder on Amazon for excellent drip coffee (no plastic involved) or use a French press or a percolator.

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