K-cups, they just keep getting better...

People may be getting it, finally. Mark my words, not long from now we will hear about health issues, lawsuits, etc regarding k-cups.

Thought I'd once again share some recent comments on safety of plastic used in k-cups below from coffeedetective.com.

 Dec 09, 2011
El Pablo steers clear of plastics & liquids
by: Anonymous

El Pablo (pihlenfe) will steer clear of any products that contain plastics & liquids combination! The USA-FDA does not really help here either since they are more for corporations & the 1% and less for the 99% of everyday regular folks. No Keurig or K-cups or whatever they call it for El Pablo!

Dec 05, 2011
Does it leach styrene?
by: Anonymous

Why is everyone only talking about BPA? Wouldn't the risk be styrene? If the water reservoir is recycle code #6, it's polystyrene. Styrene is a suspected carcinogen, and a suspected toxin to the gastrointestinal, kidney, and respiratory systems, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. Shouldn't water that comes out of a Keurig be tested for styrene?

Dec 04, 2011
by: Anonymous
Of COURSE they're going to tell you it doesn't contain BPA. Because they want to sell them to you. ANYthing with plastic emits stuff because it's PLASTIC. Buy a melitta ( sp? ) ceramic cone filter and be done with it. Your life is much more valuable than that cup o' joe. Really, I care more about you than Keurig does. Buy the ceramic filter. Your coffee tastes WAYYY better and it is wayyy cheaper. Please don't be fooled by these posts that tell you the product is safe. Err on the side of caution and throw out, or take back the Keurig.

~ A concerned fellow man

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