My Cuppa Coffee Mug helps you make the perfect cup of Joe

Making the perfect cup of coffee in the morning can be considered an art form by some people. And if you’re depending on that sweet, sweet caffeine to get your day started, perfection is key. So how do you know when you’ve gotten the mixture of coffee, milk/cream, and sugar just right? If you have the My Cuppa Coffee Mug, it’s as easy as matching colors.

The My Cuppa mug is essentially your average, ordinary mug. However, there are a set of swatches around the inside, which act as a guide for your coffee making. Once you’ve concocted a flavor that you love, just remember which swatch the color corresponded with. From then on, you’ll be able to make a perfect cup every time. Not too shabby for $14.

Source: Redferret

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