Keurig coffee brewer... NOT!!!

Why would anyone in their right mind want K-cup coffee after viewing these two videos?

Notice the rich dark tone and crema of the cups of coffee exuded from these precise machines.
The Pods are BIODEGRADEABLE! These machines use less wattage/power than Keurig brewers!  K-Cups, biodegradeable? NOT!
I would love to see a taste test between these  machines and "coffee" brewed in a k-cup!
Keurig fans...pick your best K-Cup and watch it get humiliated by any of the TRU Eco Single Serve Pods. Matter of fact, let's bring in a Professional Cupper to be the judge.



Daniel said...

Look delicious! You are correct, I've never seen a K-cup put out anything that great. 1/4 of the time the machine messes up and brews some kind of coffee sludge. Great to see that there are decent alternatives for those seeking an automatic coffee maker.

ethiopian sidamo said...

not yet tried kuerig coffee brewer..