McDonald's sells more coffee than Starbucks

McDonald's sold 84 million cups for the last 12 months making it the biggest coffee seller in UK. What about Starbucks? Starbucks is a fifth!

Now, McDonald's is really something, it just started selling freshly ground coffee in 2007 and in less than 3 years, it not only challenges the incumbent coffee sellers, but over-taking them.

Again, you may wonder how long Starbucks has been in England.

Try 10 years! So this McDonald's growth is 'super over-powering when you think about it!

If you look at it from a marketing perspective, this is what the two Ps can assist in your marketing plan -pricing and places.

McDonald's has a huge distribution, so when it harness on its network, its exposure is amazing. Then, I believe McDonald's got the right price.

Sure, it might just be a few cents lesser than Starbucks, but if the taste is right and you get to save some money -why not?

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