A K-cup challenge

Here's a challenge. A challenge to all you glorious and exuberant K-cuppers out there, stand up for your cups of mediocre, at best, and that's a very big stretch, insipid watery brew.

And for God's sake stop referring to them as PODS! They are not PODS! Pods contain anywheres from 9 to 10.5 grams of COFFEE. K-Cups produce a substance, all be it dark that tastes like it was filtered through a homeless man's underpants.

They are little plastic non-recyclable housings for ultra fine grind grounds that were once coffee before being subjected to obliteration and then being placed into k-cups.

K-Cuppers are happy to state it only takes 45 seconds or less to get a cup of  coffee -again, I can't bring myself to say the word coffee and k-cup  in the same sentence. Anyway...45 seconds...they hoop and hollar at this as being genious, when it is not.

Time for an educative moment... Dontchatink...something gravely has to suffer if water is pushed through a miniscule little shitty plastic cup no bigger than that little milk capsule that is brought to you in a restaurant where you peel the foil back?

In comparison, Pods produce coffee in 3+ minutes. If you get the right brewer it will have a spary head which evenly distributes your filtered water in, around, and through the pod producing a true cup of coffee.

It is unbelievable the enormous amount of people in this country who consume k-cups. Someone please tell me why?

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Terry Q. said...

Ok, so finally there is someone ELSE who feels like I do. I'll tell you why people worship these K-CUPS, convenience and speed. They want it NOW and they want it fast like everything else. Quality does not matter to some anymore and sacrificing quality for convenience has become a trend sadly. I am emailing you now to see how I can try your coffee and I will be honored to give my business to someone else who seems to know and appreciate real coffee and what real quality is. Thank you for posting this sir.