US Coffee Statistics

How much do you know about your cup of Joe? Let's break it down.

• Specialty coffee sales have been increasing by 20% on a yearly basis, and they make up almost 8% of the US coffee market that encompasses $18 billion.

• 50% of the US population, which equals 150 million people, regularly drink specialty espresso beverages.

• The average consumption for a United States coffee drinker is 3.1 cups of Joe each day.

• Small, independent coffee houses gross 12 billion total in annual sales.

• The average coffee shop drive-thru sells up to 300 cups of coffee and espresso on a daily basis.

• For all Americans over 18, 50% drink Java daily. However, Finland takes the cake with the highest coffee consumption worldwide each day.

• In the US, men consume as much coffee as women do, though women are more concerned with paying the price for expensive coffee drinks.

• Up to 65% of all coffee that is consumed is during breakfast, 30% is during the day between meals, and the last 5% is with lunch or dinner.

• 35% of US coffee drinkers enjoy their Java black.

• 65% of American coffee drinkers add cream and sugar to their cup of Joe.

• Not surprisingly, Seattle has the highest number of coffee shops per 100,000 residents in the city. Manhattan and San Francisco nearly tie for second but are nowhere near as close in their coffee shop population as Seattle.

• The United States alone imports over $4 billion worth of coffee products on a yearly basis.

* Taken from  thecoffeebump 's blog.


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