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New Eco-Friendly Printer Uses Coffee Grinds

Coffee-drinking computer users may soon have a new use for their old coffee grinds if a new eco-friendly printer hits the market.

Featured in the Greener Gadgets Design Competition, the RITI printer apparently uses coffee or tea dregs to create computer printouts.

To use the printer just insert a piece of paper, place used coffee or tea grinds into the ink case on the top of the printer, then move the ink case left and right to print the image — no electricity needed, Greener Gadgets reported.

Because it works manually the RITI printer is not ideal for large projects and can only print in black and white, but it will save on the cost of buying ink and electricity.

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Here at liQuid heaVen specialty coffees we are preparing to unvail our latest NEW coffee...

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Ceritified Organic Coffee Coming to liQuid heaVen

Now that I have achieved the only Torrefacto-roasted full and balanced neutral blended coffee 'specifically for flavoured creamers'....

I have directed my efforts towards working on a 100% Arabic, honestly certified organic coffee with truly the taste of coffee as you had forgotten it could be.

It is approaching one year now and after many, many tastings of which I have involved others, all agree that liQuid heaVen is THE ONLY coffee for flavoured creamers.

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India Coffee Exports Drop 21% as Rain Reduces Harvest

Aug. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Coffee exports from India, Asia’s third-biggest supplier, dropped 21 percent in the first seven months of this year after excessive rains damaged the crop in the nation’s main growing region.

Tata Coffee Ltd. and its domestic rivals shipped 117,976 metric tons in the seven months ended July 31, compared with 149,720 tons a year ago, said N.V. Nagarajaiah, deputy director at the Coffee Board. Shipments slumped 35 percent in value to $256.1 million, the board said.

India lowered its production estimate for a second time in April after excessive rains damaged the crop in southern Indian state of Karnataka, the biggest coffee-bean grower. Production will decline to 262,300 tons in the year to Sept. 30, compared with 276,600 tons forecast in November, the board said April 30.

Exports fetched 107,413 rupees ($2,245) a ton on average, 0.6 percent more than a year ago, Nagarajaiah said. Shipments in the January-July period included 11,416 tons of re-exports, compared with 14,380 tons a year earlier, he said.

Italy and Russia were among the buyers of Indian coffee.


The Perfect Coffee Pod

It has taken me just over three years to arrive at where I am now with liQuid heaVen.

A big factor was realizing that the characteristics of different coffee bean varieties along with roasting procedures react differently in pod brewing cycles than when drip brewed. This is where I think the Big Three Coffee Giants have gone wrong. You just can't put coffee into pods like you put coffee into bags and cans. They have not taken into account a key consideration... the ability to produce pods with absolute precision in controlling coffee grind, weight, and pressure, since these elements will affect the taste of the product offered.

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